CPBL Rookie of the Year Award

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The CPBL Rookie of the Year is awarded to the rookie who performs best in a particular Chinese Professional Baseball League season. The award has been given since 1993, the rookie qualification: No games played in Nippon Professional Baseball, or Minor League above AA.

List of winners[edit]

Year Name Team Position
1993 Tseng Kui-chang(曾貴章) China Times Eagles Outfielder
1994 Lo Kuo-chang(羅國璋) Uni-President Lions Infielder
1995 None
1996 Chang Tai-shan(張泰山) Wei Chuan Dragons Infielder
1997 Chueh Chuang-chen(闕壯鎮) KG Whales Outfielder
1998 Tai Lung-shui(戴龍水) Mercuries Tigers Pitcher
1999 Tsao Chun-yang(曹竣揚) Uni-President Lions Pitcher
2000 Feng Sheng-hsien(馮勝賢) Brother Elephants Infielder
2001 Chen Chih-yuan(陳致遠) Brother Elephants Outfielder
2002 Tsai Chung-nan(蔡仲南) Sinon Bulls Pitcher
2003 Pan Wei-lun(潘威倫) Uni-President Lions Pitcher
2004 Shih Chih-wei(石志偉) La New Bears Infielder
2005 En-Yu Lin(林恩宇) Macoto Cobras Pitcher
2006 Chen Kuan-jen(陳冠任) Brother Elephants Outfielder
2007 Pan Wu-hsiung(潘武雄) Uni-President Lions Outfielder
2008 Lin Chi-wei(林其緯) Sinon Bulls Pitcher
2009 Lin Yi-chuan(林益全) Sinon Bulls Infielder
2010 Wang Ching-Ming(王鏡銘) Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Pitcher
2011 Kuan Ta-Yuan(官大元) Brother Elephants Pitcher
2011 Fu Yu-Gang(傅于剛) Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Pitcher

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