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Continuing Professional Development Mark[edit]

Developed in 2008,[1] the Continuing Professional Development Mark is an independent Assessment scheme designed exclusively for the education sector in the UK to ensure that schools and colleges have effective systems in place to identify and fulfill the development needs of all staff.[2]

The eight-step framework provides guidance for monitoring and evaluating performance with the aim of helping schools and colleges to assess the impact of their CPD processes and practice and to encourage them to source the best training for individual members of staff.


A portfolio of evidence relating to the areas in the CPD Mark framework needs to be compiled prior to assessment. Much of the evidence can be cross-referenced to documents such as minutes of meetings, policy documents, Self-Evaluation Forms, Improvement Plans as well as to Ofsted requirements, Professional Teaching Standards and National Occupational Standards.

The CPD Mark assessors evaluate the quality of evidence of schools’ or colleges’ CPD policies and activities to support each of the eight criteria in the CPD Mark framework.

The eight criteria cover:

  • the vision for CPD
  • the induction and ongoing support of new staff
  • agreement between schools and Local Authorities on CPD policies, practices and resources
  • professional standards
  • curriculum development
  • performance management
  • a flexible approach to CPD / training and development
  • working with educational partners (including pupils, parents, school governors, the Local Authority and the community)


The assessment visit comprises a series of conversations with a wide range of individuals ranging from the Senior Leadership Team, non-teaching staff and newly qualified staff to parents and Local Authority representatives.

An independently moderated report is presented to schools/colleges following the assessment. The CPD Mark is awarded if the portfolio of evidence meets the established criteria and the assessor’s observations of the establishment as a whole bear out that CPD is a key strength.[3]

Achieving the CPD Mark award shows that schools/colleges have met and exceeded national expectations for CPD.[4]

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