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CPL Resources plc
Traded as
Industry human resources for IT, administration, healthcare, engineering, construction and financial world
Founded 1992
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Area served
Key people
Anne Heraty (CEO)
Paul Carrol (business development)
Josephine Tierney (CFO)
Revenue € 212,4 million (2009)
€ 257,6 million (2008)
€ 43.000 (2009)
€ 17,6 million (2008)
Website www.cpl.ie

CPL Resources Plc. is a resourcing/placement company based in Dublin, Ireland and active on several markets in Europe but still mainly focused on the home-market Ireland. The shares of CPL are traded on the Irish and UK stockmarkets (see below). CPLfounded by current CEO Anne Heraty and Keith O'Malley as Computer Placement Ltd back in 1989. Currently the group has 12 companies spread over 21 offices: 12 in Republic of Ireland, 2 in Northern Ireland and 7 in the rest of Europe. Based on the success of the company and the fact that it was (co)founded and being led by a woman Anne Heraty became a well known person and quite influential in the Irish economy.[2]

CPL at a glance[edit]

The CPL Group consists of several companies each targeting different markets and offer several kinds of services, all related to work and human resources. Some of the companies within the group act solely as recruiters - finding and selecting candidates for specific roles or job-vacancies for their customer which their customer can then hire (or not). This resourcing work is done for external customers as well as finding people for their own activities not solely within the recruitment sector, such as for CPL Solutions Ltd. CPL Solutions Ltd. take over complete departments of their customers organisations and run it more or less independently: based on the agreed activities, CPL hires the people and are fully responsible for the running of that specific department. The CPL employees work at the offices of CPL's customers, and some of the departments run in 'mixed' mode where part of the lower management is from the customer and part of them is CPL employees.

Currently (2010) CPL consists of 12 companies with 21 offices (excluding the place of work at the premises of CPL's customers:[3]

  • CPL: IT, construction, sales/marketing, call-centres (using companies and/or tradenames as: CPL Resourcing, CPL Solutions, CPL Engineering etc.)
  • Careers Register - Finance, accounting, banking and insurance
  • Tech Skills - Engineering and construction
  • ThornShaw - Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices
  • Flexsource - Industrial, Manufacturing, Hotel & Catering, Retail, Logistics, Construction and Warehousing
  • Ardlinn - Executive Search consultancy specialising in senior appointments (€100,000+) [4]
  • Clinical Professionals Group - Europe's leading life science recruiter

History [5][edit]

In 1989 Anne Heraty and Keith O'Malley found Computer Placement Ltd. offering staff for the IT industry. In 1992 Heraty buys out the other shareholders, including O'Malley and becomes 100% owner of CPL. In 1996 Heraty's husband Paul Carrol joins the company. Currently he is director of 'Business Development'. In 1994 a restructuring of Computer Placement Ltd. starts and from then on they mainly use CPL as tradename. The restructuring continues in the next years and in 1996 the companies CPL Engineering (construction) and CPL Solutions (IT/callcentres) are founded. In 1997 the first new office opened in Limerick In 1998 some new divisions are set up within 'Computer Placement Ltd': CPL Telecoms, CPL Sales en CPL Financial.

In 1999 the Plc CPL Resource Plc is founded and the shares are floated on the DCM marker of the Irish Stock Exchange and the AIM market at the London Stock Exchange. In the same year the company goes international by opening an office in Northern-Ireland

At the start of the 21st century CPL acquires a number of companies including Careers Register, Tech Skills and Multiflex. CPL grows quickly in Ireland: many multinationals open their European headquarters in Ireland and/or open their European customer support centres. Ireland is a well resourced and attractive country to relocate and place companies: foreign investments are highly promoted and many regulations and laws are intended to attract international companies with tax-breaks, also the Irish laws around employment are straight forward compared to many other EU member states, salaries in the private sector are relative low and the costs of employment is low. It is also relative easy to end employees contracts etc. This fast growth of the Irish economy is known as the Celtic Tiger.

After a short dip in 2001-2002, due to the collapse of the internet bubble the Irish economy recovers quickly and CPL continues it's fast grow until 2008 when the worldwide economy collapses after the initial credit crunch. Many large companies down-size or even leave Ireland and the profit of CPL over fiscal year 1999 falls by 99% (see below)

mergers and acquisitions[edit]

Ever since the founding but foremost after the flotation of CPL on the stock-exchange CPL took over several companies[6]

Company Year Market Country of origin
Careers Register 2000 Financial Ireland
Multiflex Human Resources 2002 Administration &
Tech Skills Resources 2002 construction / production Ireland
Ann O'Brien 2002 Secretarial Ireland
Marlborough Group Ltd
temp contracts department
2002 divers Ireland
Thornshaw Recruitment 2004 Healthcare Ireland
Nurse Finder 2006 Healthcare United Kingdom
Eastlink Recruitment 2006 Production, IT, construction, Financial Ireland
international active
Key6 Business Solutions 2007 IT/Consultancy/management Czech Republic and
Northside Recruitment Service
Kate Cowhig International Recruitment
Richmond Recruitment Group
2007 (general) Ireland
Techstaff International 2009 Technique United Kingdom
Nifast 2009 Healthcare Ireland
Ecom Intercations 2009 Financial
customer care
Kenny Whelan & Associates 2009 Contract and Permanent Recruitment Ireland
Servisource 2010 Recruitment and Healthcare Ireland
Clinical Professionals Ltd 2015 Scientific and Clinical recruitment United Kingdom [7]


CPL has many customers based in Ireland: both 'real' Irish companies but especially multinationals having their HQ or Customer Support centres and Production facilities based in Ireland, the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) and the Czech Republic. One of the larger customers for CPL Solutions Ltd. in Ireland is Hewlett-Packard with main offices in Leixlip and Clonskeagh in Dublin. In these two locations some 700 CPL employees work for HP.[8]


As the shares of CPL Resources are traded on the stock-exchange in Dublin and London CPL publishes her figures. The financial year is from 1 July to 30 June of the next year. In the table below (and other text) the years mentioned are Fiscal Years: 2010 means the Fiscal year from July 1, 2009 up to and including June 30, 2010.

The figures[edit]

In the table below figures are published over the period FY 2006 - FY 2009 and also the figures over the 1st year that CPL was trading on the LSE and ISE (2000). Each figure is followed by its delta comparing it to the previous year with these exceptions:

  • the delta between 2000 and 2006 is the average grow per year
  • the delta over 2000 is a relative grow in %.

The table[edit]

Item FY 2009[9] Delta 2008 FY 2008[9] Delta 2007

FY 2007[10]

Delta 2006 FY 2006[10] Compared to 2000
avg.per year
FY 2000[11] Delta in % from 1999
Turnover in € mln 212,4 Decrease-45,2 257,6 Increase62,1 195,5 Increase47,4 148,1 Increase20,4 26,0 Increase25%
Free income € mln 35,0 Decrease-17,5 52,5 Increase9,5 43,0 Increase14,8 28,2 Increase2,7 11,9 Increase58%
Operatial profit in € mln 0,143 Decrease-19,6 19,8 Increase1,3 18,5 Increase8,2 10,3 Increase0,97 4,5 Increase45%
Net profit € mln 0,681 Decrease-17,3 18,0 Increase1,2 16,8 Increase7,5 9,3 Increase1,05 3,0 Increase48%
Profit per share in €cent 1,7 Decrease-46,5 48,3 Increase3,3 45,0 Increase20,1 24,9 Increase2,6 9,3 Increase29%

Board of directors[edit]

The board of CPL Resources Plc. is per 30-06-2009 as follows:[12]

Name function/role with CPL since # shares holding
as per 30-06-2009[13]
=% of issued shares[14]
Anne Heraty CEO 1989 12.907.764 34,7
John Hennesy non-executive
1989 125.000 0,33
Paul Caroll Business-Development 1996 2.234.061 6,01%
Brefni Byrne non-exec
mbr enumerations grp
1999 10.000 0,03%
Garnet Roche CEO Flexsource 1995 63.192 0,17%
Mark Buckley CFO 2013
Oliver Tatton non-executive 2007 0 0%

The percentages give in the last row of above table are based on the number of issued shares as per June 2010. The number of issues shares is 37,199,825.[14]
Another fact you can take from this data is that Heraty and her husband Carrol own over 40% of all issued shares in CPL Resources Plc. This stake in the company represents a value of €36 million based on the average price in May 2010 of €2,40. When you use the year-low prices of approximately €1.45, as it was in June/July 2009, this still represents a value of some €22 million.[15]


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