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An Angus Shops building converted into an SAQ liquor store.

The CPR Angus Shops in Montreal were a railcar manufacturing, repairing and selling facility of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The most of its production consisted of passenger cars, freight cars and locomotives. Built in 1904, and named for founder, Richard B. Angus, the Angus Shops was decommissioned in 1992 and the underlying lands subsequently redeveloped for commercial, industrial and housing uses.

The 1,240-acre (5.0 km2) site had 66 buildings and employed over 12,000 people over the lifetime of the facility.

A Loblaws store branch located within the carcass of the former CPR Angus Locoshop building

Wartime manufactures[edit]

During World War II, Angus Shops produced Valentine tanks, produced for the Russian Army under the Lend-Lease program. The first was completed on May 22, 1941 and production continued into 1943.[1][2]


After the acquiring of this land by the city of Montreal, the major part of which was then submitted to the private promotership urban plan, the redevelopment began. Development consisted of several phases including demolition of the buildings; decontamination of the soil, and redefining the urban infrastructure of the Rosemont neighborhood. The redevelopment occurred between 1993 and 2000 at a cost of nearly $500 million.[3]

CPR #1201, the last steam locomotive built at the CPR Angus Shops.


CPR caboose built by the CPR angus shops in 1949.[4]
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