Central Philippine University Bahandi Singers

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The Bahandi Singers
Also known as CPU Bahandi Singers or Bahandi Singers
Origin Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines
Genres Gospel, folk songs, classical oratories, Contemporary music
Years active 1978–present
Members Joshua Jonathan C, Quimpo

The Bahandi Singers [Official Name] (Sometimes commonly referred to as CPU Bahandi Singers, a short broadened term of Central Philippine University Bahandi Singers or Bahandi Singers) is a professional ten to thirty-member male and female Gospel, folk songs, classical oratories, contemporary music singing group. The group has been officially independently free-to-join (and self-directing) since 1978. The Bahandi are considered as one of the oldest professional singing group at Central Philippine University.

The Bahandi Singers perform at a number of concerts, in various churches, invitational concerts and performances. Apart from these, they also organize and lead the Joint Morning Worship Service of the Central Philippine University Church every first Sunday of each month.

In 1998, the group had also performed in the United States.[1][2]



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  2. ^ The Bahandi Singers have just arrived from a successful concert tour in US on July 15- August 18. Their itinerary included San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Dallas and Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and New York. They also performed at the 13th Baptist Youth World Congress in Houston, Texas and during the Grand Reunion of the CPU Alumni in Northeastern America which was held at Chicago.


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