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CRISIL Limited
Public company
Founded 1987[1]
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Services Ratings, research, risk and policy advisory
Revenue Increase 11106 million (US$160 million) (December 2013)[2]
Increase 3199.5 million (US$47 million) (December 2013)[2]
Profit Increase 2978.2 million (US$44 million) (December 2013)[2]

CRISIL (formerly Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited) is a global analytical company providing ratings, research, and risk and policy advisory services.[3] CRISIL’s majority shareholder is Standard & Poor's, a division of McGraw Hill Financial and provider of financial market intelligence.[4]

CRISIL’s businesses can be divided into three broad categories - Ratings, Research and Advisory. CRISIL Ratings has rated/assessed over 60,000 entities in India. Its rating capabilities span the entire range of debt instruments and it has worked across the corporate strata, from large corporates in the country to the SMEs.

Under Research, CRISIL Global Research & Analytics serves global investment banks and financial institutions with high-end research, risk, analytics, equity and credit research services. Its credit research supports 80 per cent of the global structured finance market, and over 60 per cent of the global credit markets. The company's equity research covers over 90 per cent of the global trading volumes and 88 per cent of the global market capitalisation.

In India, CRISIL Research is an independent and integrated research house and provides growth forecasts, profitability analysis, emerging trends, expected investments, industry structure and regulatory frameworks.

CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory is a division of CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions (CRIS) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of CRISIL Limited. It helps shape policy and establish viable frameworks to improve the risk profile of infrastructure projects. It works with government agencies in enhancing their capacity, capabilities and internal financial viability, and support implementation of infrastructure improvement initiatives.

CRISIL Risk Solutions, the other division of CRIS, provides a range of risk management tools, analytics and solutions to financial institutions, banks, and corporates, in India, and across the world. New CEO and MD is Ashu Suyash,[5]

Shareholding Pattern[edit]

As on 30 Jun 2014

  • Promoter & Promoter Group (Foreign) 67.41%
  • Indian 0.00%
  • Public Shareholding 32.59%
  • Institutions
  • Non-Institutions 14.36%
  • ADR's/GDR's & Others 0.00%

The top 10 shareholders as on 14 Aug 2013


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