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Industry Video games
Fate Dissolved
Founded Kings Yard, London
Founder Clem Chambers
Products Tau Ceti, Academy

CRL Group plc is a defunct British video game development and publishing company. Originally CRL stood for "Computer Rentals Limited".[1] It was based in King's Yard, London and run by Clem Chambers.[2]

They released a number of notable adventure games based on horror stories. Dracula and Frankenstein were rated 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Censors for their graphics depicting bloody scenes; Dracula was the first game to be rated by the BBFC.[3] Jack the Ripper was the first game to receive an 18 certificate, Wolfman also gained an 18 certificate.[4]

CRL-published games that achieved critical success include Tau Ceti and Academy.

The 1984 game of the series Terrahawks was one of the first video games based on a TV show.[5]

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