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CRN Digital Talk Radio Network
Type Broadcast & digital media
Founded 1983 (1983)
by Michael Horn, CEO
Headquarters Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles
Broadcast area
North America via satellite radio, terrestrial radio, and cable TV systems[1]
Area Worldwide via Internet and American Forces Network
Key people
Paul Stern, VP of Operations
Jennifer Horn, VP of Sales & Marketing
Former names
Cable Radio Network
Webcast CRN1
CRN6 (CRNJohn316)
CRN8 (Radio Mujer)
Official website

CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks, sometimes simply referred to as CRN or CRN Digital Talk, is a syndicator and distributor of radio programs and talk radio networks.

CRN was founded in 1983 as Cable Radio Network to provide commercial radio programming to local cable television systems. CRN's original music format changed to talk radio programs in response to competition from noncommercial music formats, provided by companies such as DMX. CRN programs are produced both in house and in collaboration with other broadcasters.[2]

CRN broadcasts seven audio feeds: a main feed that carries mostly in-house offerings; direct network feeds from Sports Byline USA, The Answer, Talk Radio Network and Radio America; a simulcast of XEBBB (a female-oriented Spanish-language station based in Guadalajara, Mexico); and a seventh channel that duplicates and timeshifts some of the other feeds' programs. It is distributed, as its former name implies, mostly through various cable television providers, much in the way the more widely available Music Choice is distributed. However, it is also available via C band satellite, various terrestrial stations across the nation and on the Internet.

In 2013, CRN Digital Talk Radio Launched CRN Digital Magazine, its own online magazine (no association with CRN Magazine) featuring lifestyle and entertainment stories written by CRN personalities.[3]


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