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CRT Lanaudière (CRTL)
CRT Lanaudiere logo.png
Founded 2002
Headquarters 930, rue Saint-Louis, Joliette
Locale Lanaudière
Service area MRC de D'Autray, MRC de Joliette, MRC de Matawinie and MRC de Montcalm
Service type bus service
Website CRTL Homepage
RTC de la MRC de L'Assomption
RTC MRCLA logo.png
Service area L'Assomption, Charlemagne, Le Gardeur, L'Épiphanie, Repentigny, Saint-Sulpice
Service type bus service, paratransit
MRC Les Moulins
MRCLM logo.png
Service area Terrebonne, Mascouche
Service type bus service
Website AMT site for Les Moulins

The CRT Lanaudière (CRTL) is responsible for organising public transportation services throughout the administrative region of Lanaudière, northeast of Montreal, in central Quebec, Canada.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport produced a report in 1999 which analyzed the Lanaudière region's transport problems. This report overwhelmingly favoured a public transportation service managed within the region instead of the integration of existing public transit in L'Assomption and Les Moulins with either of the large Montreal (STM) or Laval (STL) systems. The result of this was the creation of the Conseil régional de transport Lanaudière in 2002, under the management of the six regional county municipalities of D'Autray, Joliette, L'Assomption, Matawinie, Montcalm and Les Moulins, with additional transit user representation on the board. This also required each MRC to manage operations in their territory, with a structure which may vary depending on different local needs.[1]


The southern municipalities within the region are still serviced by MRC Les Moulins public transit (Transport en commun de la MRC Les Moulins) and RTC de la MRC de L'Assomption (Réseau de transport collectif de la MRC de L'Assomption), while the communities at a longer distance from Montreal are the ones that are serviced by CRT Lanaudière. Specialized accessible transportation is administered locally within each member regional county municipality.

Bus Terminals[edit]

This small office, located at 942, rue St-Louis in Joliette,[2] is owned and operated by CRT Lanaudière and is not part of the AMT system.
Picture of Terminus Joliette CRT Lanaudière

Bus routes[edit]

CRT Lanaudière Routes[3]
(Conseil régional de transport Lanaudière) [4]
No. Description Metro station or AMT terminus Route Map Schedule
31-32 St-Michel-des-Saints - Saint-Zénon - Sainte-Émilie-de-l'Énergie - Saint-Jean-de-Matha - Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon - Ville de Saint-Gabriel - Saint-Cléophas - Saint-Félix-de-Valois - Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes - Notre-Dame-des-Prairies - Joliette - Montreal (Radisson Station) Radisson Schedule
34 Rawdon - Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare - Saint-Charles-Borromée - Joliette Schedule
35 St-Lin-Laurentides - Sainte-Sophie - St-Jérôme Saint-Jérôme Schedule
46 Joliette - St-Paul-de-Joliette Schedule
50 Joliette - Saint-Paul-de-Joliette - Crabtree - Sainte-Marie-Salomé - L'Assomption - Repentigny - Lavaltrie - Montreal Radisson Schedule
125 St-Donat – Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci - Entrelacs - Chertsey - Rawdon - Sainte-Julienne - Saint-Esprit - Saint-Roch-de-L’Achigan - Mascouche - Montreal Radisson Schedule
131-138 Joliette - Lavaltrie - Lanoraie - Berthierville Schedule
158 Joliette - Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier - Saint-Thomas - Berthierville Schedule
MRC de L'Assomption Routes[5]
(Réseau de transport collectif de la MRC de L'Assomption)
No. Description Metro station or AMT terminus Route Map Schedule
1 Repentigny local via boulevard L'Assomption Repentigny Schedule
2 Repentigny - St-Sulpice - Lavaltrie Repentigny Schedule
3 Repentigny - Montreal via Notre-Dame Repentigny
4 Repentigny - Montreal (Express) via Sherbrooke Repentigny
6 Taxibus L'Épiphanie - L'Assomption Schedule
7 Repentigny - Charlemagne - CHPLG Repentigny Schedule
8 Repentigny - Galeries Rive-Nord - Place Repentigny Repentigny Schedule
9 Repentigny - Le Gardeur - Charlemagne Repentigny Schedule
10 Repentigny - Le Gardeur - Charlemagne - Montreal Repentigny
11 Repentigny - Le Gardeur - Cégep de L'Assomption Repentigny Schedule
13 L'Assomption - Montreal (Express) Honoré-Beaugrand
14 L'Assomption local Schedule
15 Repentigny local Repentigny Schedule
16 Repentigny - L'Assomption Repentigny Schedule
20 Repentigny - Montreal (Express via Quebec Autoroute 40) Repentigny
50 Le Gardeur - Charlemagne - Montréal (Express via Quebec Autoroute 40) Honoré-Beaugrand
MRC Les Moulins Routes[6]
(Transport en commun de la MRC Les Moulins)
No. Description Metro station or AMT terminus Route Map
all[dead link]
1 Terrebonne - Mascouche (via Grande Allee/Pincourt) Terrebonne Map Schedule
2 Terrebonne - Mascouche (via des Anglais) Terrebonne Map Schedule
3 Terrebonne - Mascouche (via Autoroute 125) Terrebonne Map Schedule
4 Terrebonne - Mascouche Terrebonne Schedule
5 Terrebonne - Bois-des-Filion Terrebonne Map Schedule
6 Terrebonne - Mascouche (via Domaine/Pincourt) Terrebonne Map Schedule
8 Terrebonne Terrebonne Map Schedule
9 Terrebonne Secteur ouest Terrebonne Map Schedule
11 Terrebonne - Metro Radisson (via Hwy 344) Terrebonne
Map Schedule
14 Terrebonne - La Plaine Terrebonne Schedule
15 Terrebonne - La Plaine (via L'Hotel-de-Ville/Laurier) Terrebonne Map Schedule
16 Terrebonne - La Plaine (via Rodrigue/Laurier) Terrebonne Map Schedule
17 Terrebonne - La Plaine (via Laurier) Terrebonne Map Schedule
18 Terrebonne - CFP des Moulins / Cégep de Terrebonne Terrebonne Map Schedule
19A Terrebonne - Laval Terrebonne
Map Schedule
20 Terrebonne - Mascouche (via Masson) Terrebonne Map Schedule
21 Terrebonne - Mascouche Terrebonne Schedule
22 Mascouche Schedule
23 Terrebonne - Sainte-Thérèse (Cégep Lionel-Groulx) Terrebonne
Map Schedule
24 Terrebonne - Place Longchamps Terrebonne Schedule
24 EXP Terrebonne - Place Longchamps Express Terrebonne Map Schedule
25A Terrebonne - Metro Henri-Bourassa Terrebonne
Henri-Bourassa Nord
N/A Schedule
25B Terrebonne - Metro Radisson Terrebonne -
N/A Schedule
26 Mascouche (Taxibus) Schedule
35 Terrebonne - Montreal Terrebonne
Henri-Bourassa Nord
Map Schedule
40 Terrebonne - Metro Radisson (via Autoroute 640) Terrebonne
Map Schedule
42 Terrebonne - Mascouche Terrebonne Schedule
43 Terrebonne - Mascouche Terrebonne Schedule
45 Bois-des-Filion - Terrebonne Terrebonne Schedule
48 Terrebonne Terrebonne Schedule


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