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China Railway Chengdu Group Co.,Ltd.
state-owned enterprise
Industry Railway operations
Predecessor Chengdu Railway Administration
Founded 19 November 2017
Headquarters 11 N 2nd Section, 1st Ring Road, Jinniu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Area served
Zhaotong, Yunnan
Owner Government of China
Parent China Railway
Website Official Website
China Railway Chengdu Group
Simplified Chinese 中国铁路成都局集团
Traditional Chinese 中國鐵路成都局集團
Chengdu Railway Administration
Simplified Chinese 成都铁路局
Traditional Chinese 成都鐵路局
CR Chengdu
Simplified Chinese 成铁
Traditional Chinese 成鐵

China Railway Chengdu Group, officially abbreviated as CR Chengdu or CR-Chengdu, formerly, Chengdu Railway Administration is a subsidiaries company under the jurisdiction of the China Railway (formerly the Ministry of Railway). It is in charge of 9 primary railway routes, with operating length of 4,457.8 kilometers. It oversees the railway networks in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, although the portion of Nanning-Kunming railway in Guizhou is administered by Kunming Railway Administration. The railway administration was reorganized as a company on November 2017.[1]

Hub stations[edit]

Regional services[edit]

C-train services[edit]


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