CSI: Miami (season 1)

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CSI: Miami (season 1)
CSI Miami - The Complete 1st Season On DVD.jpg
Season 1 U.S. DVD cover
Starring David Caruso
Emily Procter
Adam Rodriguez
Khandi Alexander
Rory Cochrane
Kim Delaney
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
Original release September 23, 2002 (2002-09-23) – May 19, 2003 (2003-05-19)
Season chronology
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List of CSI: Miami episodes

The first season of CSI: Miami premiered on CBS on September 23, 2002, and ended on May 19, 2003. The show's regular time slot was Mondays at 10:00 pm. The series stars David Caruso, Emily Procter, and Kim Delaney.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

  • Lieutenant Horatio "H" Caine (David Caruso); an explosives and armaments specialist who was fundamental in establishing CSI in 1997. He recently became Director of the MDPD Crime Lab, after several years as a Supervisor.
  • Lieutenant Megan Donner (Kim Delaney); the previous Director of the MDPD Crime Lab returning from six-months extended leave. She is Horatio's partner, though the two have a professional rivalry.
  • Detective Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter); a ballistics specialist and a founding member of Crime Scene Investigations. She's worked in the lab since 1997, also specializing in DNA recovery.
  • Detective Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez); the newest member of the CSI team, joining in early 2002. He's a finger-print and drugs specialist who has recently completed his probationary patrol period.
  • Detective Timothy 'Tim' "Speed" Speedle (Rory Cochrane); a Senior Detective hired at the recommendation of Jesse Cardoza in the late '90s. He is a specialist in trace and impressions.
  • Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander); a Miami Dade County Coroner who works alongside the Day Shift CSIs. She is extremely compassionate and oftentimes speaks to dead bodies.

Special guest appearances by[edit]

Guest starring[edit]

  • Wanda de Jesus as Adelle Sevilla; an MDPD Homicide/Robbery Unit Detective.
  • Holt McCallany as John Hagen; a senior MDPD Homicide/Robbery Unit Detective.
  • Michael Whaley as Bernstein; an MDPD Homicide/Robbery Unit Detective assigned to assist CSI.


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 "Golden Parachute" Joe Chappelle Steven Maeda September 23, 2002 (2002-09-23) 23.10[1]
Megan Donner returns to the CSI unit in time to work on a jet crash in the Everglades. While searching for survivors, they inexplicably discover a female victim found five miles from the crash site. When the only survivor says the woman opened the plane's hatch in order to commit suicide, Horatio is suspicious. The team must now recreate what happened on that fatal flight, especially when the pieces do not quite fit together.
2 2 "Losing Face" Joe Chappelle Steven Maeda & Gwendolyn M. Parker September 30, 2002 (2002-09-30) 19.80[2]
A necklace bomb explodes, killing a man and a good friend of Horatio's. With his friend (and mentor) gone, Horatio works doubly hard in this case, worrying Megan, who lost her husband in the line of duty. With three more bombs, they are put to the test to find out who is doing it and who are the targets. With evidence in hand, they search a Colombian port and discover things about the workers that they think will help the case. However, new evidence suggests that the bomber is after the bomb squad.
3 3 "Wet Foot/Dry Foot" Tucker Gates Eddie Guerra October 7, 2002 (2002-10-07) 17.18[3]
Horatio and his crew investigate the discovery of a man's partial torso by a group of fisherman who slit open a shark they caught, only to have the man's remains spill out. Megan soon realizes the man was murdered when she discovers a bullet wound on the corpse. Later, a second victim is found floating in an inner tube.
4 4 "Just One Kiss" Scott Brazil Laurie McCarthy & Matt Witten October 14, 2002 (2002-10-14) 19.03[4]
A dead man with a slit throat and a partially burned face is discovered on a Miami beach, along with an unconscious young girl who was beaten and thrown into the ocean. The investigation leads Horatio to a prominent Florida family and its steely patriarch, who was once involved in a mysterious case that has plagued Horatio for years.
5 5 "Ashes to Ashes" Bryan Spicer Mark Israel October 21, 2002 (2002-10-21) 18.78[5]
When a priest is found dead in his rectory after being brutally shot, Megan, Calleigh and Speedle must untangle a messy web of familial issues that lead to his death. Elsewhere, Horatio and Eric attempt to solve the emotional case of an exploded vehicle, which was home to a mother with child.
6 6 "Broken" Deran Sarafian Ildy Modrovich & Laurence Walsh October 28, 2002 (2002-10-28) 18.75[6]
The whole team investigates the crime scene of an indoor amusement park when a young girl is found suffocated in the bathroom. They must track down the relentless man responsible for the heinous crime quicker than usual, as everyone on location has been detained until they can be cleared. What looks to be like a regular attempted kidnapping turns out to be much more than any of the detectives had bargained for.
7 7 "Breathless" Charlie Correll Steven Maeda & Gwendolyn Parker November 4, 2002 (2002-11-04) 17.94[7]
The naked body of a male stripper who performed during a private party at a Coconut Grove estate is found the next morning in a nearby rose garden, and the CSIs have difficulty determining the cause of death. Meanwhile, Megan and Eric investigate the case of a male swimmer who suddenly dropped dead from a stab wound after climbing aboard a boat seven miles out in the Atlantic.
8 8 "Slaughterhouse" Dick Pearce Laurie McCarthy November 11, 2002 (2002-11-11) 20.06[8]
Horatio and his team must uncover the evidence in the brutal murder of an entire family in their own home. The only survivors are a blood-soaked toddler, and the father who is in surgery. The immediate assumption is that the mother is responsible—postpartum depression—but the evidence discloses a shocking, different outcome.
9 9 "Kill Zone" Daniel Attias Mark Israel & Lois Johnson November 18, 2002 (2002-11-18) 17.16[9]
A sniper is targeting downtown Miami and Horatio and his team must rush to stop the killer before he strikes again.
10 10 "A Horrible Mind" Greg Yaitanes Ildy Modrovich & Laurence Walsh November 25, 2002 (2002-11-25) 18.84[10]
Horatio, Speedle and Calleigh root through the evidence in the homicide of a strange, unorthodox college professor when they find him tortured and hung onto a tree. Their suspicions are immediately directed towards his thirteen cult-like students. Elsewhere, Delko and Megan investigate a car found in the water with a dead body in the trunk, and immediately suspect an insurance scam.
11 11 "Camp Fear" Deran Sarafian Eddie Guerra & Steven Maeda December 16, 2002 (2002-12-16) 18.16[11]
The CSIs investigate the death of a young model, whose body was found near a juvenile detention camp for girls. Across town, Delko and Speedle probe the bizarre death of a man who was apparently burned from the inside. Meanwhile, unable to handle the job anymore and feeling that it reminds her of her dead husband's work, Lieutenant Donner resigns from the team for the good, leaving Horatio a note.
12 12 "Entrance Wound" David Grossman Laurie McCarthy & Gwendolyn M. Parker January 6, 2003 (2003-01-06) 17.52[12]
A married man and his co-worker looking for a little extracurricular fun have their ardor drowned when they find a dead woman—a prostitute—in their bungalow, which leads to a family man who has been hiding a shady past. The team handles a car jacking in which a German tourist was killed, but the circumstances look more like murder as the wife was left unharmed after the shooting.
13 13 "Bunk" Charlie Correll Elizabeth Devine January 27, 2003 (2003-01-27) 16.87[13]
The team investigate the manufacture of lethal drugs at mobile labs, and an elderly woman is murdered at a senior home.
14 14 "Forced Entry" Artie Mandelberg Mark Israel & Lois Johnson February 3, 2003 (2003-02-03) 18.17[14]
A nude man is found tied to his bed, having suffocated while he was being sexually assaulted. Concurrently, a crematorium owner is found murdered. When they investigate, they discover dozens of bodies that were never cremated.
15 15 "Dead Woman Walking" Jeannot Szwarc Ildy Modrovich & Laurence Walsh February 10, 2003 (2003-02-10) 17.51[15]
A mugger is found dead on the street, his neck broken. But Horatio's team has a bigger problem on their hands as during the autopsy, Alexx and Horatio realize the man was exposed to radiation. Now the team must race against time to find the man's killer before the next victim, an environmental lawyer, dies from radiation poisoning.
16 16 "Evidence of Things Unseen" Joe Chappelle David Black February 17, 2003 (2003-02-17) 18.32[16]
The team investigate a Russian immigrant who is stabbed to death. The only witness to the crime was a stripper who was performing for him.
17 17 "Simple Man" Greg Yaitanes Steven Maeda February 24, 2003 (2003-02-24) 19.11[17]
Before Horatio is set to testify at a murder case in which the defendant is the husband of a city councilwoman, he's given new facts that could prove the man is innocent. There is also new information which revolves around the discovery of a second victim who would match the alleged killer's profile - if the man on trial isn't guilty.
18 18 "Dispo Day" David Grossman Elizabeth Devine & Ildy Modrovich & Laurence Walsh March 10, 2003 (2003-03-10) 18.95[18]
The investigation into a drug heist offers brief glimpses into the private lives of the CSIs, whose nerves are on edge when they become suspects in the crime they are trying to solve.
19 19 "Double Cap" Joe Chappelle Marc Dube March 31, 2003 (2003-03-31) 16.97[19]
Horatio battles the FBI and U.S. Marshals as he tries to uncover why a beautiful woman was murdered poolside at a ritzy hotel. Evidence suggests it was a professional hit, and the case becomes really puzzling when the feds take an interest. Elsewhere, Calleigh confronts her dad about his drinking problem.
20 20 "Grave Young Men" Peter Markle Lois Johnson April 14, 2003 (2003-04-14) 14.90[20]
Horatio is approached by a parolee he helped put away several years ago, who begs for the lawman's assistance in finding his missing teenage son. As the investigation gets underway, Horatio discovers that the boy may be planning a deadly assault. Elsewhere, Speedle becomes attracted to a sexy model who may be involved in her boyfriend's death.
21 21 "Spring Break" Deran Sarafian Steven Maeda April 28, 2003 (2003-04-28) 17.18[21]
Horatio and his crew investigate the deaths of two college students who were in Miami on spring break. The first is a teen girl found dead on a beach with her neck broken and human bite marks on her legs. The second is a young man found on the bottom of a motel swimming pool who apparently died before he hit the water.
22 22 "Tinder Box" Charlie Correll Corey Miller May 5, 2003 (2003-05-05) 14.46[22]
Speedle and Delko are present when a trendy nightclub catches fire, apparently from a DJ's pyrotechnics display, killing 16 people and injuring dozens of others. But the ensuing investigation reveals it may have been arson to cover up a murder. Also: Horatio probes the death of a prostitute who is found dead in a judge's bathroom in his home.
23 23 "Freaks and Tweaks" Deran Sarafian Elizabeth Devine & John Haynes May 12, 2003 (2003-05-12) 17.23[23]
An explosion in a rundown barn nearly kills Horatio and his crew just after they find a dead man inside, bound with duct tape. The case gets personal for Horatio when it is discovered that the leading suspect knew his late brother. At the lab, Alexx is shocked to learn that her best friend's husband has been murdered, apparently the victim of a random shooting.
24 24 "Body Count" Joe Chappelle Ildy Modrovich & Laurence Walsh May 19, 2003 (2003-05-19) 19.30[24]
The trouble begins when an inmate is stabbed to death in the prison yard. Shortly after Horatio arrives on the scene, a helicopter appears above the correctional facility. He immediately fears that the murder was a decoy to set up an escape. That's confirmed as three prisoners hop aboard the chopper and flee. As the investigation gets underway, the identities of the fugitives become known and a horrible realization sweeps over Horatio: Two of the escapees are cold-blooded killers who already have their next victims picked out.


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