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Security team CSIRT.CZ is a national CSIRT (Cyber Security Response Team) team operated by CZ.NIC - operator of the .CZ top-level domain. CSIRT.CZ's main task is to handle security incidents in computer networks operated in the Czech Republic.

The establishment of CSIRT.CZ team[edit]

The .CZ domain registry took over the agenda of the national security team from the academic association CESNET, which had operated a security team as part of a research grant since 2008. The memorandum with the Ministry of Interior on the operation of a National CSIRT was replaced on 1 October 2012 and a new provision was made with the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic. Today CSIRT.CZ fulfills the role of National CERT on the basis of a public contract with the Czech National Security Agency.


- incident handling and coordination of incident resolution

- education and awareness on cyber security

- informing the interested public about current security threats

- cooperation with stakeholders in the Czech Republic such as internet service providers, banks, academia, public sector, etc.

- development of cooperation within the regional and world CSIRT community


There are certain rules when reporting security incidents. CSIRT.CZ does not provide assistance associated with everyday use of home computers and the Internet. CSIRT.CZ is the last point of contact in the event of an incident. Specific cases in which CSIRT.CZ provides necessary assistance are available on the team's website.[2] Information about reported incidents are passed to CSIRT.CZ by persons responsible for the operation of the network or the source of the incident.

International cooperation[edit]

Since security incidents often go beyond national borders, international cooperation while solving security incidents and threats is essential. CSIRT.CZ actively collaborates with a global network of CSIRT/CERT teams. The security team participates in the preparation and implementation of solutions and recommendations on appropriate approaches in the event of potential threats to cyberspace on a European and global level. CSIRT.CZ has the status of an accredited team in Trusted Introducer and is member of FIRST.

Other security teams in Czech Republic[edit]

Besides CSIRT.CZ there are other teams which are officially recognized by the international community. A description of these teams is available at Trusted Introducer.


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