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The CSI novels are novels that tie-in with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY television shows. They have been published from 2001 to the present.

They are all released by Pocket Books and have been written by a range of notable authors including Max Allan Collins (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Donn Cortez (CSI: Miami), and Stuart M. Kaminsky (CSI: NY).[1][2][3]


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation[edit]

Title Author Release Date ISBN
Double Dealer Max Allan Collins November 2001 978-0743444040
Sin City Max Allan Collins October 2002 978-0743444057
Cold Burn Max Allan Collins April 2003 978-0743444071
Body of Evidence Max Allan Collins November 2003 978-0743455824
Grave Matters Max Allan Collins October 2004 978-0743495752
Binding Ties Max Allan Collins April 2005 978-0743496636
Killing Game Max Allan Collins November 2005 978-0743496643
Snake Eyes Max Allan Collins September 2006 978-0743496650
In Extremis Ken Goddard October 2007 978-1847390103
Bad Rap Max Allan Collins March 2008 978-1600102028
Nevada Rose Jerome Preisler June 2008 978-1416544999
Headhunter Greg Cox October 2008 978-1416545002
Brass In Pocket Jeff Mariotte August 2009 978-1416545170
The Killing Jar Donn Cortez November 2009 978-1439153703
Blood Quantum Jeff Mariotte February 2010 978-1439160787
Dark Sundays Donn Cortez May 2010 978-1439160862
Skin Deep Jerome Preisler August 2010 978-1439160824
Shock Treatment Greg Cox November 2010 978-1439160800
The Burning Season Jeff Mariotte June 2011 978-1439160879

In October 2007, Pocket Books released a trade paperback omnibus Mortal Wounds, which collected Double Dealer, Sin City, and Cold Burn into a single volume.[4]

CSI: Miami[edit]

Title Author Release Date ISBN
Florida Getaway Max Allan Collins August 2003 978-1451607499
Heat Wave Max Allan Collins July 2004 978-0743480567
Cult Following Donn Cortez December 2005 978-0743480574
Riptide Donn Cortez July 2006 978-1451607406
Harm for the Holidays: Misgivings Donn Cortez November 2006 978-1451646337
Harm for the Holidays: Heart Attack Donn Cortez January 2007 978-1416526346
Cut and Run Donn Cortez March 2008 978-0743499538
Right to Die Jeff Mariotte September 2008 978-0743499545

CSI: NY[edit]

Title Author Release Date ISBN
Dead of Winter Stuart M. Kaminsky August 2005 978-1416503293
Blood on the Sun Stuart M. Kaminsky March 2006 978-1416509585
Deluge Stuart M. Kaminsky May 2007 978-1416513421
Four Walls Keith R.A. DeCandido May 2008 978-1416513438

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