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CSL Behring LLC
IndustryBiopharmaceutical, health care
HeadquartersKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Key people
Paul Perreault, CEO and Managing Director of CSL Limited
Number of employees
ParentCSL Limited

CSL Behring is a biopharmaceutical company, manufacturing plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutic products and providing them to people in more than 100 countries. Its line of therapies includes products for the treatment of bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease; primary immune deficiencies (PIDD); hereditary angioedema; inherited respiratory disease; and neurological disorders in certain markets. The company's products are also used in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, burn treatment and to prevent hemolytic diseases in the newborn.[2][3]

CSL Behring is a combination of Behringwerke, founded in 1904 in Marburg, Germany by Emil von Behring, and the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL), established in Australia in 1916 to provide vaccines to the people of Australia, as well as other companies acquired since 2004.


CSL Behring's parent company, CSL Limited (ASX:CSL;USOTC:CSLLY), is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. As part of a global alignment, the CSL Behring brand was established in 2007. Previously known as ZLB Behring, the company's history dates back to 1904, when Behringwerke was founded in Germany by Emil von Behring, winner of the first Nobel Prize in Medicine as inventor of serum therapy or serology.[4]

CSL Behring operates CSL Plasma, one of the world's largest plasma collection networks. It has over 12,000 employees, and more than 270 plasma collection centers covering China, the US and Europe.[5]


In 1904, Von Behring founded the Behringwerke in Marburg, Germany, for the purpose of experimental work on disease prevention and for the manufacture of sera and vaccines. In 1913, Behringwerke expanded to produce a gas gangrene antiserum and a cholera vaccine.

In 1916, the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (now CSL Ltd.) were established in Australia with the goal of providing vaccines to the people of Australia and New Zealand. In 1930, CSL released an antivenom for tiger snake bites. In 1944, CSL began producing penicillin for the military and Australia.

In 1954, Australian CSL officer Val Bazeley assisted Jonas Salk with the production of the experimental polio vaccine used in the first clinical trials in the US. Bazeley returned to Australia to set up production of the Salk vaccine at CSL.

In 1981, Behringwerke introduced Haemate, human plasma coagulation factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex for the treatment of patients with hemophilia A.

In 1991, CSL Limited was incorporated in Australia. In 2004, CSL Limited completed the acquisition of Aventis Behring,[6] combining it with ZLB Bioplasma to create ZLB Behring (later CSL Behring).

In 2007, ZLB Behring became CSL Behring. In 2009, ZLB Plasma changed its name to CSL Plasma to align with its parent company, CSL Behring, and opened the plasma testing laboratories in Knoxville, Tennessee. Also in 2009, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) recognized CSL Behring for developing and marketing a treatment in the U.S. for acute bleeding episodes in patients with congenital fibrinogen deficiency and the Swiss government awarded CSL Behring the Tell Award.

In 2012, the European Organisation for Rare Diseases recognized CSL Behring for its work developing and manufacturing therapies used to treat rare and serious medical conditions with a 2012 EURORDIS Company Award.[7]

Over the past century, CSL Behring has grown into one of the leading international biotechnology companies, acquiring along the way: Aventis Behring, U.S. plasma collector Nabi, which helped form the world's largest plasma collection network in CSL Plasma; Calimmune, a leader in gene-modification and cell-delivery technology;[8] and Vitaeris,[9] a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of Clazakizumab as a potential treatment option for organ transplant recipients experiencing rejection.



  • Beriglobin P, human hepatitis A immunoglobulin, liquid 16% solution for intramuscular injection
  • Berirab P, human rabies immunoglobulin, liquid 16% solution for intramuscular injection
  • Carimune NF, Sandoglobulin, Sanglopor human normal immunoglobulin, freeze-dried formulations for intravenous administration
  • Cytogam, human cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin. Liquid immunoglobulin containing a standardized amount of antibody to cytomegalovirus.
  • Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin P Behring, human hepatitis B immunoglobulin, liquid 16% solution for intramuscular injection
  • Hizentra, Human normal immunoglobulin. Liquid 20% immunoglobulin solution, ready-to-use for subcutaneous administration
  • Privigen, human polyvalent immunoglobulin, liquid 10% solution for intravenous injection
  • Rhophylac human anti-D immunoglobulin. Prefilled syringes of highly purified anti-Rhesus factor D IgG for intravenous administration and intramuscular injection.
  • Tetagam P, human tetanus immunoglobulin, liquid 16% solution for intramuscular injection
  • Varicellon P, human varicella immunoglobulin, liquid 16% solution for intramuscular injection
Coagulation/bleeding disorders
  • Zemaira, freeze-dried Human Alpha1-proteinase inhibitor (A1-PI)
Critical care
  • AlbuRx, Alburex, Human Albumin Behring, Albuminar, human albumin solution (5%, 20% or 25% human albumin solutions)
  • Berinert P, freeze-dried human C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) concentrate
  • Beriplex P/N, Kcentra, freeze-dried human prothrombin complex concentrate
  • Haemocomplettan P, RiaSTAP, freeze-dried human fibrinogen (factor I) concentrate
  • Kybernin P, freeze-dried human antithrombin III concentrate
  • Streptase, freeze-dried streptokinase
Wound healing
  • Beriplast P Combi-Set, fibrin sealant kit, freeze-dried fibrin sealant for topical application
  • Fibrogammin P, freeze-dried human coagulation factor XIII concentrate
  • TachoComb, fibrin sealant fleece-type, fleece-type collagen preparations coated with fibrin glue components

(Note: Product availability varies from country to country, depending on registration status.)[10]


The company is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.[11] It has 27,000+ employees in 30 countries.[1] Major manufacturing centers are located in Bern, Switzerland, Marburg, Germany, Kankakee, Illinois, and Broadmeadows, Australia.[11]


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