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CS Communications & Systèmes
Founded 1902 ( as Compagnie des Signaux et d'Entreprises Electriques, (signal and electric projects company)); 1999: CS is established
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people
Yazid Sabeg (chairman), Laurent Giovachini (CEO)
Products Voice communication systems, telecomms, controller–pilot data link communications, open road tolling, radio systems, secure communication, transportation demand management, radiolocation systems, nuclear safety
€200 million (FY 2010/11)
Number of employees
2100 (FY 2010–11)
Website uk.c-s.fr

CS Communication & Systèmes is a French information-technology service company listed on the Paris Bourse as a member of the CAC Small index. The company designs information systems, develops and integrates software; manages projects and deploys industrial applications and provides science, technology and consulting services. CS is the French leader in air traffic control, the third biggest supplier of traffic-management systems in the world[1] and provides information technology consulting services.[2]

The company's headquarters is in Paris, with 12 other locations throughout France. Regional headquarters or subsidiaries are in Germany, Croatia, Romania, the United Kingdom, Chile, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Puerto Rico. It has nearly 2,100 employees.[3]


Defense, space and security[edit]

CS deploys command and control information systems, implementing open, interoperable and upgradeable solutions aligned with operational needs:[4]

  • Operations command information systems: Air and naval defense, homeland security and intelligence
  • Space systems and applications: Flight dynamics, space surveillance and environmental safety
  • Information and communication systems security: Simulation and virtual-reality systems, electronic warfare and mission-critical information systems
  • Security consulting: Audit, support and assistance and risk analysis
  • Products: Prelude (a SIEM), Vigilo (a network-supervision tool), PKI, time stamping and archiving

Diginext, a CS subsidiary, also produces and markets in the fields of:

  • Tactical data links
  • Simulation and virtual-reality systems
  • Navigation and geolocation systems
  • Electronic warfare
  • Mission-critical information systems


CS supplies aircraft manufacturers with high-tech embedded systems and motor parts, providing product lifecycle management, simulators and tests.[5]


In nuclear safety and radioactive waste management, CS produces high-performance simulators and creates specialized scientific software. The firm participated in creating simulator platforms for nuclear-plants (including specialized simulators of EDF, the French electric company).[6]

CS INDIA Bangalore[edit]

Cs Communication And Systems India Private Limited is started in 2011.It is located in Neilrao Towers, PLOT #118, ROAD #3, EPIP PHASE 1, 2ND FLOOR, White field, Bangalore.(Land Mark is Vydehi hospital). CS provide engineering services to leading aircraft engine manufacturers. CS Communication & Systèmes designs, integrates, and operates mission critical systems worldwide. It offers operations command information systems for joint armed forces, air defense and naval, homeland security, armed forces training, intelligence, and support and logistics information systems applications; space systems and applications for use in ground segment and space services, flight dynamics, space surveillance, and environmental safety; information and communication systems security solutions, such as audit, consulting, and design of secure architectures, as well as authentication services and cyber defense solutions. The company also provides Diginext products in the fields of tactical data links, simulation and virtual reality systems, navigation and geo-localization systems, electronic warfare, and mission-critical information systems. In addition, it offers digital design products, including HPC and simulation products, digital mock-ups, enterprise content management solutions, and product lifecycle management solutions, as well as simulators for engineering, training, and maintenance. The company provides embedded systems, such as NSS, FWS, FADEC, ATC/ATM, cockpit displays etc.; engineering, development and integration, maintenance, testing, and certification services for aeronautics, automobiles, energy, mobile phones, railway transportation, etc.; and nuclear safety solutions for nuclear waste management, safety studies, and crisis centers, as well as supervision, command, and control. Further, it offers technical information systems comprising technical documentation and respect for production constraints; security systems for encryption and implementation in networking equipment, identification and validation, non-reversible transactions, data and interchange confidentiality, secured application flows, and rights management and attribution; and radio-telephone-intercom integrated solutions.

CS Inc[edit]

CS Communication And Systems Inc was established in 2015 in East Hartford, CT to work with clients based in the United States. This is the company's first US branch and since its conception, it has secured several clients including Pratt & Whitney and Triumph Engine Controls. The US branch now employs over 25 people including software engineers, design engineers and IPT leads who mainly work on Aircraft Engine design and Software Testing in accordance with DO-178B. CS Inc. has worked on several commercial engines including the PW1100 for the Airbus A320 Neo, PW1500 for the Bombardier CS series and the PW1900 for the Embraer E-jets. More recent projects include military engines as well for which the company has formed a new military division.

Other activities[edit]

CS develops a computational fluid dynamics software solution based on the Lattice-Boltzmann method :ProLB. Low dissipation and dispersion errors combined with state-of-the-art turbulence modeling approaches (Large Eddy Simulations), allow ProLB to perform high-fidelity aeroacoustic and aerodynamic simulations of weakly compressible flows.

Intelligent transportation[edit]

CS provides toll-road equipment and back-office systems, integrated to ensure toll collection and customer management:[7][8]

  • Conventional and electronic toll collection
  • Free-flow systems: Open-road tolling (including enforcement and an integrated back office)
  • Emergency call boxes
  • Urban transportation-information systems

Year € (million)
2008 221.7
2009 205.6
2010 194.8
2011 204.4


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