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CS Energy
Government-owned corporation
Area served
Key people
Martin Moore
Jim Soorley
IncreaseA$124.2 million (2014/15)
OwnerGovernment of Queensland
Number of employees
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CS Energy website www.csenergy.com.au

CS Energy is an Australia-based electricity generating company owned by the Government of Queensland with its head office located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The company was established in 1997 and employs more than 400 staff.[1]

The company's generation portfolio comprises coal-fired and pumped storage hydroelectric power stations. CS Energy has a trading portfolio of more than 4,035 megawatts in Australia's national electricity market. At present, the company owns and operates Kogan Creek Power Station, Wivenhoe Power Station,[2] and Callide A and Callide B, and together with InterGen (in a joint venture, managed by Callide Power Management) 50% of Callide C Power Station.[3]

CS Energy was awarded A$32 million in 2010 to help construct Australia's first large-scale solar thermal project at Kogan Creek Power Station.[4] Funding was provided by the Rudd Government under the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program. However, in March 2016, it was announced that CS Energy would 'pull the plug' on that project,[5] at a loss of $40M to CS Energy and $6M to ARENA.

In 2007, the Chief Executive Officer, Mark Chatfield, was stood down by the board after allegations of inappropriate share dealings were raised.[6]

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