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CTERA Networks
Industry Cloud storage
Cloud storage gateways
Data protection
Online backup service
Data synchronization
Products CTERA Portal, CTERA C200, CTERA C400, CTERA CloudPlug
Website http://www.ctera.com

CTERA Networks is a cloud storage and data protection hardware and software company that specializes in cloud storage gateways, which are integrated with a datacenter or cloud-side service delivery platform, CTERA Portal. It provides network storage combined with asynchronously replicated off-site cloud storage.[1][2] The company produces hardware appliances which are installed in the local network and backup data offsite, and management software for service providers.[3][4]

CTERA markets cloud storage gateways that use traditional file-based NAS protocols with replication to cloud storage.[5] Local network computers are automatically backed up to the CTERA appliances on the LAN, which then perform incremental backups to an off-site deduplicated cloud storage service, compressing and encrypting the data as it is transmitted. Users have browser-based access to the backups and can access files locally using a "Virtual Cloud Drive”.[2] Users can also throttle bandwidth and schedule transfers off working hours for reducing impact on the network performance.[6] CTERA appliances encrypt data onsite and keep the keys local, reduce latency by caching data or keeping local copies, and provide snapshot capabilities for data availability.[7]

CTERA is also the developer of Next3, an open source journaled file system for Linux.[8]


CTERA, based in Palo Alto, California and Israel, was founded in 2008.[9] The company is privately held and backed by Benchmark Capital, Venrock and Cisco.[10][11][12][13][14][15] It has regional offices in the US, Israel, the UK, Italy and Spain.[16]

CTERA 800, an 8-bay Cloud Storage Gateway by CTERA Networks, features up to 24TB of raw local storage capacity.[17]

In 2010, a new local NAS appliance was unveiled that can be used for bare metal recovery of downed servers. New server agents were also introduced to make backup and recovery easier and enable multi-user collaboration on files or folders stored locally or in the cloud.[18]

In 2011, the company was named a "Champion" (of value, for cost-vs-feature ratio) in a Cloud Backup Vendor Landscape report by the Info-Tech Research Group. The report only featured 6 companies with each company specializing in either small-to-medium or medium-to-enterprise sized environments.[14] It retained this title in 2012.[19]

CTERA has partnered with EMC Atmos, Rackspace and storage providers like Scality and ComputerLinks.[20][21][22]

In 2012, CTERA was awarded the MSPAlliance MSPWorld Cup Award at the MSPWorld Conference and Expo in Austin, Texas.[23]



CloudPlug, a plug computer developed by CTERA, converts external USB/eSATA hard drives into network attached storage combined with cloud backup[17]

CTERA Networks produces the CloudPlug, a small form factor Plug computer that converts external hard drives into network attached storage combined with cloud backup.[8][17][24] It also makes several appliances (C800, C400 and C200), which are installed in the local network and backup data into the cloud. CTERA devices can be used for hybrid on-site and offside data protection using cloud backup, snapshots and bare-metal restore capabilities.[1][10][25][26][27][28]

Backup Agents[edit]

In addition to "clientless backup" capabilities, the company provides an installable backup agent that can back up open files,[29] and server agents for backup and recovery of Microsoft Windows server applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory.[30]

The company offers also mobile file access clients for Apple iOS and Android based devices.[31]

Cloud Services platform[edit]

To complement its appliances and agents, CTERA provides CTERA Portal, a cloud services platform. The software, which is typically deployed by SaaS providers or Internet Service providers, acts as middleware between data locally stored on a CTERA cloud storage gateways or agents, and cloud storage systems, which may be public or private.[3][4]

Open Source Software[edit]

CTERA has developed Next3, an open source journaled file system for Linux based on ext3, which adds snapshots support, yet retains compatibility to the ext3 on-disk format.[8][32] Next3 is implemented as open-source software, licensed under the GPL license.[1] Next3 uses dynamically provisioned snapshots, i.e., it does not require pre-allocation of storage space for snapshots. Instead it allocates space as needed. Storage space is conserved by sharing unchanged data among the file system and its snapshots.[33]

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