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Macao Post
Correios de Macau
Public agency
Industry Post, Philately
Founded 1884
Founder CTT
Headquarters Edifício-Sede dos Correios de Macau,
Largo do Senado,
Macau Peninsula,
22°11′35.9″N 113°32′24.7″E / 22.193306°N 113.540194°E / 22.193306; 113.540194Coordinates: 22°11′35.9″N 113°32′24.7″E / 22.193306°N 113.540194°E / 22.193306; 113.540194
Area served
Key people
Derby Lau Wai-Meng (Director)
Services Postal services, Philatelic services
Owner Government of Macao
Website www.macaupost.gov.mo
Correios de Macau
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Literal meaning Macao Post

Macao Post (Portuguese: Correios de Macau, Chinese: 澳門郵政), formerly CTT Correios de Macau or CTT, is a department under the Government of Macao responsible for postal services.

The acronym CTT comes from the former name of Portuguese postal administration (Portuguese: Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones, meaning "Post, Telegraph and Telephone") during the colonial period of Macao.

Postal history[edit]

The Macao Post was founded on 1 March 1884 as a separate entity from China Post and a sub-member of the Universal Postal Union.[1] Prior to the transfer of sovereignty from Portugal to China in 1999, Macanese postage stamps bore the Portuguese words REPÚBLICA PORTUGUESA (i.e., the 'Portuguese Republic'), but now bear the Portuguese words MACAU, CHINA.


The Postal service is headed by a Director with two sub-directors. There are three Department Chief responsible for:

  • Postal Operations
  • Postal Savings
  • Commercial


  • Postal Services (1884-now)
  • Postal Savings (1917-now)
  • Operator of Telecommunication Services (1927-1981)
  • Regulator of Telecommunication Services and Radio Spectrum Management (1982-2000)
  • Radio Broadcasting Services (1933-1973)
  • Supervision of the Electric Industries Services (1928-1985)
  • eSignTrust - Digital Certificate Services (2006-now)
  • Communications Museum (2006-now)
  • Secure Electronic Postal Services (SEPS) (2008-now)

Postal Stations[edit]

Postal Stations are referred to as Branch with 15 spread across Macao:

  • Central
  • Rua do Campo
  • Red Market (Almirante Lacerda)
  • Mong Ha
  • Hac Sa Wan (Areia Preta)
  • Cultural Centre
  • Terminal Tradic
  • Loja do Museu
  • Airport
  • Nova Taipa
  • Ocean Garden
  • Carmo (The former Taipa Post Office)
  • Coloane
  • Seac Pai Van

Post boxes[edit]

CTT post boxes are red in colour as was the case in Hong Kong before 1997. The boxes bear CTT's name in Portuguese and Chinese.

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