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CTV Sports was the division of the CTV Television Network responsible for sports broadcasting. The division existed in its own right from 1961 to 2001; between 1998 and 2001, CTV Sports also operated a cable sports network, CTV Sportsnet, now owned by Rogers Media and known simply as Sportsnet.

Since CTV's purchase of the more established sports network TSN in 2001 (which in turn caused the sale of Sportsnet to Rogers), the network has assumed responsibility for CTV's remaining sports output. At the same time, the amount of in-house sports programming aired by CTV has been reduced to only encompass occasional, TSN-produced telecasts, such as Skate Canada events, and simulcasts of events from U.S. networks. As of 2014, the only sports broadcasts regularly aired by CTV and CTV Two are simulcasts of National Football League games.

CTV has been incorporated into coverage of major international sporting events—such as FIFA World Cup tournaments, and the Olympic Games, which were most recently aired from 2010 to 2012 as part of a joint venture between Bell Media and Rogers Media.

Current sports programs aired by CTV[edit]

The following events are currently specifically designated to air on CTV:

Figure Skating


  • National Football League - Sunday afternoon (1:00pm ET and 4:05/4:25pm ET) local games, and playoffs including the Super Bowl (2014–present)
    • Prior to 2014, CTV only held rights to early afternoon games and the post-season. In 2014, CTV acquired rights to late games (previously held by Rogers through City and Sportsnet), and began incorporating CTV Two into its coverage.


  • The Masters - in 2015, Bell Media acquired exclusive Canadian rights to The Masters, previously split between TSN and Global. CTV will air late-round coverage of the tournament.[2][3]


In addition, other coverage of events with rights held by TSN have occasionally aired on CTV or CTV Two, or local stations thereof, if necessary due to scheduling conflicts on the TSN channels, such as Vancouver Whitecaps FC games (which aired locally on CTV Vancouver and CTV Two Vancouver Island).[5][6][7]

Former sports programs aired by CTV[edit]

Auto Racing








Notable personalities[edit]