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CUE (City-University-Energysaver)
Fairfax CUE logo.svg
LocaleCity of Fairfax
Service typebus service
Stops186 [1]
Annual ridership716,900 (2015)[3]
Fuel typeDiesel, Diesel-electric
OperatorCity of Fairfax, Virginia
WebsiteCue Bus
A CUE Gillig Phantom bus waits at the Vienna Metro station. This photo was taken before all of the CUE's Gillig Phantom buses were retired in the fall of 2015.

CUE Bus (City-University-Energysaver[4]) is a bus service operated by the City of Fairfax, Virginia, and is completely separate from the Fairfax Connector bus service run by Fairfax County.

Routes and services[edit]

CUE operates two loop routes between George Mason University and the Vienna Metro station, each running in both directions for a total of four named routes. The Green loop, consisting of routes Green 1 (clockwise) and Green 2 (counterclockwise) operates on the east side of Fairfax, while the Gold loop, consisting of routes Gold 1 (clockwise) and Gold 2 (counterclockwise) operates on the west side.

In addition to providing service to GMU and Vienna Metro, the CUE serves all major activity centers in the City of Fairfax, including downtown, Kamp Washington, Northfax, Fairfax Circle and Fairfax City Mall.

In 2009, the City of Fairfax partnered with Montgomery County, Maryland, in the purchase of new buses. As a result, six 35-foot, low-floor Gillig Hybrid buses were added to the fleet in August 2009. These new buses are expected to consume much less fuel, as they operate off an electric engine when operated at 35 MPH or lower, and 35 MPH is the maximum speed limit in Fairfax.[5] The CUE Bus system owns and operates eight additional 35-foot, low-floor Gillig clean diesel buses in its fleet, all of which replaced the remaining 30-foot Gillig Phantom buses in the fall of 2015.


CUE's current base fare is $1.75 for riders using cash and for riders using SmarTrip. For primary and secondary school students, seniors and people with disabilities with a valid CUE Bus ID, fares are 85¢. George Mason University students ride free, as a portion of their student fees funds CUE's operation. CUE, along with all other regional bus systems in the Washington area, does not issue or accept paper transfers. Riders must use a SmarTrip card to get the rail-to-bus discount or to transfer free from bus to bus.


  • 2009 Gillig Low Floor BRT Hybrid (827-832)
  • 2015 Gillig Low Floor BRT Clean Diesel (833-840)


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