CWA Southwestern Heavyweight Championship

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CWA Southwestern Heavyweight Championship
Promotion United States Wrestling Association
World Class Wrestling Association
Date established September 1989
Date retired August 1990

The CWA Southwestern Heavyweight Championship was a short-lived professional wrestling title defended in the United States Wrestling Association (USWA, formerly the Championship Wrestling Association, hence the CWA name) and the World Class Wrestling Association (WCWA) during their joint promotion in 1989 and 1990. The title was abandoned when the two companies split.

The CWA Southwestern Heavyweight Championship is often mistakenly listed as being part of the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship history.

Title history[edit]

Symbol Meaning
No. The overall championship reign
Reign The reign number for the specific wrestler listed.
Event The event in which the championship changed hands
N/A The specific information is not known
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign
[Note #] Indicates that the exact length of the title reign is unknown, with a note providing more details.
# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 The Dirty White Boy 1 October 2, 1989 48 Memphis, Tennessee House show Defeated Dustin Rhodes in a tournament final to become the first champion. [1]
2 Dundee, BillBill Dundee 1 November 19, 1989 165 Memphis, Tennessee House show   [1]
3 Tatum, JohnJohn Tatum 1 May 3, 1990 15 Dallas, Texas House show   [1]
4 Dundee, BillBill Dundee 2 May 18, 1990 28 Dallas, Texas House show   [1]
5 Tatum, JohnJohn Tatum 2 June 15, 1990 7 Dallas, Texas House show   [1]
6 Dundee, BillBill Dundee 3 June 22, 1990 12 Dallas, Texas House show   [1][2]
7 Tatum, JohnJohn Tatum 3 July 4, 1990 [Note 1] Dallas, Texas House show   [1]
- Title abandoned - August 1990 N/A N/A N/A Abandoned when World Class seceded from the USWA. [1]

List of combined reigns[edit]

Symbol Meaning
¤ The exact length of at least one title reign is uncertain, so the shortest possible length is used.
Rank Wrestler # of reigns Combined days
1 Dundee, BillBill Dundee 3 205
2 Tatum, JohnJohn Tatum 3 50¤[Note 1]
3 Dirty White Boy, TheThe Dirty White Boy 1 48


  1. ^ a b The exact date the championship was abandoned is uncertain, which means that this reign lasted between 28 and 58 days.


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