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CWA World Heavyweight Championship (Memphis)

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CWA World Heavyweight Championship
CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt
PromotionContinental Wrestling Association
Date establishedApril 28, 1979[1][2]
Date retiredJune 1981
First champion(s)Thunderbolt Patterson[1][2]
Final champion(s)Dory Funk, Jr.[1][2]
Most reignsBilly Robinson (3 times)[1][2]
Longest reignBilly Robinson (165 days)[1][2]
Shortest reignBilly Robinson (2 days)[1][2]

The CWA World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in the American promotion, the Continental Wrestling Association. It existed from 1979 to 1981.[1][2]

Title history[edit]

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
1 Thunderbolt Patterson April 28, 1979 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 [Note 1] This was the first date that Patterson was acknowledged as champion. He was said to have defeated Mark Lewin in January 1979 in Melbourne, Australia to become the first champion. [1][2]
Vacated June 1979 Thunderbolt Patterson left the CWA [1][2]
2 Pat McGinnis October 2, 1979 House show Louisville, Kentucky 1 8 Defeated Hector Guerrero. [1][2]
3 "Superstar" Billy Graham October 8, 1979 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 31 [1][2]
4 Jerry Lawler November 8, 1979 House show Lexington, Kentucky 1 74 [1][2]
Vacated January 21, 1980 Vacated after a match against Bill Dundee [1][2]
5 Billy Robinson April 28, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 98 Defeated The Masked Superstar. [1][2]
6 Bill Dundee August 4, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 7 [1][2]
7 Billy Robinson August 11, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 2 56 [1][2]
8 Austin Idol October 6, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 14 [1][2]
9 Bobby Eaton October 20, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 1 7 Won the title by forfeit. [1][2]
10 Billy Robinson October 27, 1980 House show Memphis, Tennessee 3 [Note 2] [1][2]
11 Dory Funk Jr. April 1981 (NLT) House show [Note 3] 1 [Note 4] [1][2]
Deactivated 1981 [1][2]


  1. ^ The exact date Patterson won the championship and left the CWA are uncertain, which means the length of the reign is too uncertain to calculate.
  2. ^ The exact date that Robinson lost the championship is uncertain, which means that the championship reign lasted between 1 day and 185 days.
  3. ^ The location of the championship change has not been documented.
  4. ^ The exact date that Dory Funk Jr. won the championship and the championship was abandoned are unknown, which means the reign is too uncertain to calculate.

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