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CWShredder is a program that runs on Microsoft Windows for removing the CoolWebSearch family of spyware. Originally created by Merijn Bellekom, it was bought by InterMute on October 19, 2004 until June 2005 when InterMute itself was acquired by Trend Micro.

The program is now distributed by Trend Micro, and is currently offered in two forms:

  • integrated into Trend Micro Anti-Spyware, formerly SpySubtract
  • a stand-alone Freeware program

The program has not been updated since ownership transferred to Trend Micro. The currently available version is v2.19 which was released in November 2005. While still functional, it is unclear if Trend Micro have plans to update the program. There is controversy in some quarters over whether or not Trend Micro should either declare CWShredder open source or be compelled to give up ownership to another party so that the program can be maintained and updated.

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