CX 14 El Espectador

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CX 14 Radio El Espectador
Logo Radio El Espectador.jpg
Broadcast area Uruguay
SloganLa primera radio Uruguaya en internet
Frequency810 AM
Power50 KW
OwnerLanos S. A.
Website810 AM

CX 14 Radio El Espectador is a Uruguayan Spanish-language AM radio station that broadcasts from Montevideo.[2]

On April 2013 an announcement was made regarding the sale of this media company.[3]

Selected programs[edit]

  • La Mañana de El Espectador (morning show with Daniel Castro)
  • Rompkbzas (Variety with Daniel Figares)
  • Suena Tremendo (Variety with Diego Zas and Juanchi Hounie)
  • 13 a 0 (Sports with Ricardo Piñeyrúa)
  • 810 VIVO (News with Juan Sader)
  • Dinámica rural (Rural news)
  • La venganza será terrible (Humor with Alejandro Dolina)
  • Segundo Intento (Music with Felipe Reyes)


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