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CY Cergy Paris University
CY Cergy Paris Université
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Established2020 (2020)
PresidentFrançois Germinet
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CY Cergy Paris University (French: CY Cergy Paris Université) is a public university located in Cergy-Pontoise, France. It was officially announced in October 2019 by the décret that the university would be founded by combining other institutions on 1 January 2020.[1] The official status of the university is an experimental institution.


The university was created from the merger of several schools of the University of Paris-Seine (ComUE), Cergy-Pontoise University and the École internationale des sciences du traitement de l'information - EISTI. The École pratique de service social - EPSS and the Institut libre d'éducation physique supérieur - ILEPS will become component institutions of the new university.

The other schools in the old University of Paris-Seine will become members of the CY Alliance.[2]


CY SUP[edit]

All the former undergraduate faculties of the University of Cergy-Pontoise will be reorganised as a new undergraduate school which will be named CY SUP.

Graduate Schools[edit]

There will be five graduate schools:

  • CY Tech, a Grande Ecole, on sciences, engineering, economy and administration, with engineering education from the EISTI
  • CY Art and Humanity, in association with the ENSAPC, the ENSAV, the ENSP, and the INP
  • CY Education, with the INSPÉ, the EPSS, and the ILEPS
  • CY Law and Political Science


There will be an institut of advanced studies named CY Advanced Studies.

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