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C is the third letter in the Latin alphabet.

C or c may also refer to:



  • C battery (size)
  • C battery (type), grid bias battery for vacuum tube radios
  • A battery charger rate or discharge rate equal to the capacity of a battery divided by 1 hour. For example, C for a 1600 mAh battery would be 1600 mA (or 1.6 amps). 2C is twice this rate and 1/2C is half the rate.
  • C-clamp, a type of fastener
  • C band (disambiguation)
  • C, the standard abbreviation for an electronic capacitor, used e.g. in circuit diagrams




  • ©, copyright
  • ¢, cent


  • C, a digit meaning twelve in hexadecimal and other positional numeral systems with a radix of 13 or greater
  • C, the constant of integration
  • Ⅽ, in Roman numerals, the symbol for 100
  • C, ℂ, or , the set of all complex numbers
  • ℭ or , the cardinality of the continuum
  • C, the set of continuous functions
  • The combination or "choose" function, denoted
    , , , , or
  • c space, the space of all convergent sequences in functional analysis





  • C, alias for Mansfield Smith-Cumming (1859–1923), Chief of the SIS, the UK Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6
    • His successors as Chief of the SIS have since been generally known by his alias, C
  • C., Roman abbreviation for Gaius


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