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The C Stamp is a microcontroller module. It is made by A-WIT Technologies, Inc. and has become quite popular with students and electronics hobbyists since June 2006 due to its low threshold of learning, ease of use, capabilities, and its low price.

Although the C Stamp has the form of a DIP chip, it is in fact a small Printed Circuit Board that contains the essential elements of a microprocessor system:

  • A CPU with integrated memory
  • A clock
  • A power supply
  • External input and output

Programming the C Stamp[edit]

The C Stamp is programmed using WC. WC is a microcontroller-friendly, C-based infrastructure created by A-WIT Technologies, Inc.


When starting a WC file, the programmer needs to insert the C Stamp header file as indicated below:

#include "CS110000.h"                                                             

The WC software infrastructure incorporates common microcontroller functions, including PWM, serial communications, I²C communication, communications with common LCD circuits, hobby servo pulse trains, pseudo-sine wave frequencies, and digital to analog conversions.

The end result is that a hobbyist can connect a 9V battery to a C Stamp and have a complete system. A connection to a PC allows the programmer to download software to the C Stamp, which is stored in the onchip memory. This memory stays programmed until it is erased and reprogrammed (the memory remains intact even when the power is removed).

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