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C. Vijayakumar
Chief Executive Officer, HCL Technologies
Born 1967
Tamil Nadu, India
Residence New York City, United States
Nationality Indian
Other names CVK, Vijay
Citizenship India
Alma mater PSG College of Technology (EEE)
Occupation President and CEO of HCL Technologies
Website C Vijaykumar on LinkedIn

C Vijayakumar (CVK or Vijay) is the President & Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies, a US$ 7.8 billion global technology company. [1][2]

Career and education[edit]

C Vijayakumar joined HCL Technologies in 1994 in the founding startup team of Comnet as a Senior Technical Engineer.[3][4]

Over the years, Vijay undertook a wide portfolio of responsibilities across Sales, Technology, Delivery and Operations. He was appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer in July 2016 and is currently responsible for leading the company’s business operations globally, executing HCL’s business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide.[5]

Prior to becoming Chief Executive Officer, Vijay was the COO of the company and President of HCL’s Infrastructure Services business, a position he held since March 2015.[6] In this capacity, he played a key role in driving business goals for the Infrastructure Services Line of Business which today contributes 40% to the total revenues of HCL Technologies. Vijay also is recognized as one of the key people who pioneered the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) proposition which has today become a multi-billion dollar area of business for the Information Technology Industry.[7]

Vijay has held several Technology, Business & Operational leadership positions at HCL and is widely recognized in the industry for his strategic thinking and impeccable execution. He is currently a member of Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council and is on the Steward Board of World Economic Forum’s Strategic Initiative on ‘Future of Education, Gender and Work’.

Vijay is known for his collaborative leadership style which has been commended in the business bestseller ‘Blueprint to a billion: 7 essentials to achieve exponential growth’ as part of a case-study on HCL Technologies authored by David G. Thomson.[8][9] Vijay holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India[10]

Personal life[edit]

Vijay was born in Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.[11] He is currently based out of New York City and Cary, North Carolina in United States.[12] Vijay is married and has one daughter. In his free time, he likes to listen to classical music and read books.[13]

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