Cañitas de Felipe Pescador Municipality

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Municipality of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador
Location of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador within Zacatecas and Mexico
Location of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador within Zacatecas and Mexico
Coordinates: 24°15′N 102°30′W / 24.250°N 102.500°W / 24.250; -102.500Coordinates: 24°15′N 102°30′W / 24.250°N 102.500°W / 24.250; -102.500
Country  Mexico
State Zacatecas
Municipal seat Cañitas de Felipe Pescador
Largest city Cañitas de Felipe Pescador
Founded 1921 (Donato Moreno)
Municipality November 19, 1958
 • Municipal President Rogelio Monreal Durón, PRD
 • Total 482 km2 (186 sq mi)
Elevation 2,020 m (6,630 ft)
Population (2005)[1]
 • Total 7,893
 • Largest city 5,950 Cañitas de Felipe Pescador
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Postal Code 98480, 98490
Area code(s) 458

Cañitas de Felipe Pescador is one of the 58 municipalities in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. It is located in the northern part of Zacatecas and is bounded by the municipalities of Río Grande, Villa de Cos, and Fresnillo. The municipality covers a total surface area of 482 square kilometres (186 sq mi).[2]

The municipal seat is also called Cañitas de Felipe Pescador.


The first inhabitants of the Cañitas de Felipe Pescador region were the Huichol. In 1918, the region became populated with farmers. In 1921, governor Donato Moreno granted a motion to legally fund the Cañitas region with the expropriation of haciendas[clarification needed] as an ejido, a system of communal land. This led to the rise of the region to become an Independent Congregation of the Municipality of Fresnillo.

In 1921, the first school was founded with the name of Carlos A. Carrillo, which placed special attention to environmental education. That same year the train station was installed in the city of Cañitas, and the community of La Colorada was moved to the region.

It was not until November 19, 1958, that Cañitas went from being a Congregation to a Municipality. Gilberto Montes Monsiváis was named Municipal president, and that same year elections are held in which Herón Domínguez was declared the winner, and he became the first elected municipal president of Cañitas de Felipe Pescador (1959–1961).[3]


In the 2005 census, Cañitas de Felipe Pescador reported a population of 7,893.[1] Of these, 5,950 lived in the municipal seat, and the remainder lived in surrounding rural communities.


Most of the population (93.83%) is Catholic; Protestants and Evangelicals follow with 2.87%, and the remainder are Seventh-day Adventists and Neo-Pentecostals with 6.17%.

Towns and Villages[edit]

  • Cañitas de Felipe Pescador
  • Boquilla de Abajo
  • Los Caballos
  • Cañitas Viejo (Cañitas Viejas)
  • La Quemada
  • San Francisco
  • El Saucillo
  • El Porvenir
  • Potrero de Badillo (Badillo)
  • Enrique Estrada


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