Caabi El-Yachroutu Mohamed

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Caabi El-Yachroutu Mohamed (born 1948?) is a Comorian politician. He was the country's Vice-President from June 2002 until 27 February 2006, when he resigned in order to participate in the upcoming election for Union president. He was eliminated in the first round of that election.

He previously served as Prime Minister from 29 April 1995 to 27 March 1996 and interim President from 5 October 1995 to 26 January 1996.

He also served as Secretary-General of the Indian Ocean Commission. Later, he was a supporter of Anjouan President Mohamed Bacar. A few days after the March 2008 invasion of Anjouan, which toppled Bacar, he was arrested, having indicated his willingness to surrender to the Comoran army.[1]


  1. ^ "Former VP, other Bacar’s allies arrested in Anjouan", African Press Agency, March 30, 2008.
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