Cabañas, Cuba

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The church of Cabañas
The church of Cabañas
Cabañas, Cuba is located in Cuba
Cabañas, Cuba
Location of Cabañas in Cuba
Coordinates: 22°58′39.72″N 82°55′20.78″W / 22.9777000°N 82.9224389°W / 22.9777000; -82.9224389Coordinates: 22°58′39.72″N 82°55′20.78″W / 22.9777000°N 82.9224389°W / 22.9777000; -82.9224389
Country Cuba
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-7

Cabañas is a village and consejo popular of the municipality of Mariel, in the Artemisa Province, on the northeast coast in western Cuba.[1]


Prior to 1970 was a municipality of Pinar del Río Province. Cabañas bay is a harbor with industrial and fishing facilities, with an important base of the Cuban Navy.[2]


Located in the western corner of the Cabañas Bay (Bahía de Cabañas), by the Atlantic Ocean, Cabañas lies between Mariel (21 km west) and Bahía Honda (30 km east), and is crossed in the middle by the state highway "Circuito Norte" (CN). It is 26 km from Guanajay, 34 from Artemisa and 67 from Havana city center.

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