Caballo Lake State Park

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Caballo Lake State Park
New Mexico State Park
Caballo lake-kmf.JPG
Country United States
State New Mexico
County Sierra
Location Caballo
 - elevation 4,100 ft (1,250 m)
 - coordinates 32°59′47″N 107°17′13″W / 32.99639°N 107.28694°W / 32.99639; -107.28694Coordinates: 32°59′47″N 107°17′13″W / 32.99639°N 107.28694°W / 32.99639; -107.28694
Area 5,384 acres (2,179 ha)
Founded 1964 [1]
Management New Mexico State Parks Division
Owner U.S. Bureau of Reclamation [1]
Location of Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico

Caballo Lake State Park is a state park of New Mexico, United States, located 16 miles (26 km) south of Truth or Consequences on the Rio Grande.[2] Caballo Lake was created in the 1930s when an earthen dam was built across the Rio Grande. The dam is 96 feet (29 m) tall and 4,558 feet (1,389 m) across. The size of the lake varies by season, but when the lake is full, it is over 11,500 acres (47 km2) in area, and 18 miles (29 km) long, making it New Mexico's third largest lake.

The primary attraction of the lake is fishing, with bass and walleye fishing most popular.[3]


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