Cabin John Middle School

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Cabin John Middle School
Cabin John Middle School.JPG
Cabin John Middle School
10701 Gainsborough Road
Potomac, MD 20854
Type Public Middle School
Established 1967
School district Montgomery County Public Schools
Principal Mr. John Taylor
Grades 6–8
Number of students 940 (2009–2010)
Student to teacher ratio 11.7 (2009–2010)
Mascot CJ the Cougar
Newspaper Cougar Courier

Cabin John Middle School, colloquially known as CJMS, is a public school for students in grades 6, 7 and 8 located in Potomac, Maryland.

Cabin John opened in 1967 as a junior high school, and its mascot was the roadrunner. In 1987, the school closed due to declining enrollment, and all students in the area attended Hoover. However, the county decided to reopen Cabin John in 1989 as a middle school. When it reopened, its mascot became the cougar.[1]

Students who attend Cabin John are from the feeder elementary schools Seven Locks, Bells Mill, Stone Mill and Cold Spring. The students that attended Bells Mill and Seven Locks Elementary Schools go on to attend Winston Churchill High School. Students from Cold Spring and Stone Mill Elementary Schools go on to attend Thomas Wootton High School.


  • Fall 2003 – Cabin John became the first middle school in Montgomery County to offer a course in Chinese.[2]

Art and music[edit]

  • Spring 1999 – First prize in an anti-smoking campaign promoted by the State Attorney General's Office in conjunction with Maryland State Board of Education: Art teacher Wendy Kleiner and students were presented a ceremonial award along with acknowledgment for the first prize billboard, located on Interstate 95 near Camden Yards.[3]
  • 1996 – present – Superior ratings through annual music assessment festivals: Cabin John has been the only middle school to consistently receive all superior ratings at both the Maryland State Band and Orchestra Festivals throughout this tenure with instrumental music director Scott Herman.[citation needed]
  • Spring 2009 – Instrumental music director Scott Herman was named the Maryland Music Educators Outstanding Teacher of the Year for 2009.[4]

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Cabin John offers the following extracurricular activities for students.[5]

Clubs and activities[edit]

In fall 1998, Cabin John's Knowledge Master team placed 1st in the state and 38th internationally among 958 entrants in the middle school division.[6]

Interscholastic sports[edit]

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cross Country (Coed)
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Boys Softball
  • Girls Softball


Cabin John underwent a complete renovation from 2009 to 2011. During the 2009–2010 and 2010–2011 school years, students attended a holding school located on Tilden Lane in Rockville, Maryland. The new building is LEED certified as an environmentally friendly structure. It uses geothermal energy, and it is entirely.[7] The renovation had an estimated cost of about $48 million, and it included an asbestos abatement program.[8]

Student awards[edit]

  • Spring 2001 – Two eighth grade students were awarded first place in the region in the NASA Student Involvement Program’s 2000–2001 competition, “Watching Earth Change” category.[9]

Teacher awards[edit]

  • Fall 1998 – MSDE Guidance Department Award: This recognition was the first in Maryland for an entire guidance department. The award was especially important to the members of the guidance department because the state based the award on input from administrators, teachers, parents and students.[10]
  • Spring 2004 – Teacher Bobbie Chase received the Abe Pollin Award for her years of impact in the community.[11]
  • Spring 2007 – Jackie Geer, sixth grade science teacher, received the Maryland Environmental Educator of the Year award from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for 2007.[12]
  • September 1999 – MMSA Exemplary School Award: The Maryland Middle School Association recognized Cabin John for its position as an exemplary school with focus on the staff development program.[citation needed]

Notable alumni[edit]


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