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Cabinet Filter Cigarettes (Full flavour).png
An old German pack of Cabinet cigarettes.
Product type Cigarette
Owner Reemtsma, a division of Imperial Tobacco
Country East Germany
Introduced 1972; 46 years ago (1972)
Markets See Markets

Cabinet is a German brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Reemtsma, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco.[1] It is mainly sold and found in the New states of Germany.


Cabinet cigarettes were introduced in the German Democratic Republic in 1972 and were produced by the operating state-owned "VEB Tobacco Nordhausen" as well as the "Vereinigte Zigarettenfabriken" in Dresden. Before Reemtsma acquired the brand, the monthly production was amounted to about 800 million cigarettes and the market share was 33 percent in 1989. However, after Reemtsma took over the production, market share fell below 10 percent in 1990.[2] After the production took place in Nordhausen until the late 1990s, then the site was closed and the production was continued at the headquarters of Langenhagen.[3] After the German reunification, Reemtsma changed the Cabinet brand to get it accustomed to Western standards. The pollutants were significantly reduced, the tobaccos mixed to new recipe - lighter and wholesome should be the new "Cabinet". Also, the pack got a fresh, modern outfit. New variants were also introduced. However, many smokers did not like the changes and the brand lost significant market share after the changes, because the old GDR smokers were accustomed to a strong smoke.[2][4] A 20-pack of Cabinet cigarettes in the GDR costed about 3.20 Deutsche Mark.[5][6]


Cabinet was mainly sold in East Germany, but also was or still is sold in Germany and Poland.[7][8][9]


  • Cabinet Red
  • Cabinet Blue
  • Cabinet Gold
  • Cabinet Fresh
  • Cabinet Spice

Below are all the current brands of Cabinet cigarettes sold, with the levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide included.

Pack Tar Nicotine Carbon monoxide
Cabinet Red 8 mg 0,7 mg 8 mg
Cabinet Blue 6 mg 0,5 mg 6 mg
Cabinet Gold 2 mg 0,2 mg 2 mg
Cabinet Fresh 6 mg 0,5 mg 6 mg
Cabinet Spice 10 mg 0,9 mg 10 mg
Stand 03/2007.

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