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The First Brandt cabinet was the government of Germany between 22 October 1969 and 15 December 1972, during the 6th legislature of the Bundestag. Led by the Social Democrat Willy Brandt, the cabinet was a coalition between the Social Democrats (SDP) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The Vice-Chancellor was the Free Democrat Walter Scheel (FDP).


The federal cabinet consisted of the following Ministers:

Office Incumbent Party Parl. State Secretary
& Minister of State
Chancellor Willy Brandt
SPD Katharina Focke SPD
Vice-Chancellor Walter Scheel
Foreign Affairs Walter Scheel FDP Ralf Dahrendorf
until 2 July 1970
Karl Moersch
until 2 July 1970
Interior Hans-Dietrich Genscher
FDP Wolfram Dorn
until 31 August 1972
Justice Gerhard Jahn
SPD Alfons Bayerl SPD
Finance Alexander Möller
until 13 May 1971
Karl Schiller
until 7 July 1972
Helmut Schmidt
SPD Gerhard Reischl
until 13 May 1971

Hans Hermsdorf
from 13 Mai 1971
Economics Karl Schiller
until 7 July 1972
Helmut Schmidt
SPD Klaus Dieter Arndt
until 14 September 1970

Philip Rosenthal
14 September 1970
until 17 November 1971

Rainer Offergeld
from 15 March 1972
Food, Agriculture and Forestry Josef Ertl
FDP Fritz Logemann FDP
Labour and Social Affairs Walter Arendt
SPD Helmut Rohde SPD
Defence Helmut Schmidt
from 7 July 1972
Georg Leber
SPD Karl Wilhelm Berkhan SPD
Youth, Families and Health Käte Strobel
SPD Heinz Westphal SPD
Transport and
Post and Telecommunications
Georg Leber
until 7 July 1972
Lauritz Lauritzen
SPD Holger Börner
until 4 February 1972

Ernst Haar
from 7 February 1972
Planning and Housing Lauritz Lauritzen SPD Karl Ravens SPD
Internal German Affairs Egon Franke
SPD Karl Herold SPD
Education and Science Hans Leussink
until 15 March 1972
Klaus von Dohnanyi
(born 1928)

Klaus von Dohnanyi
until 15 March 1972

Joachim Raffert
15 March 1972 until 31 August 1972
Economic Cooperation Erhard Eppler
(born 1926)
SPD Brigitte Freyh SPD
Special Duties
Head of the Chancellor's Office
Horst Ehmke

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