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The Hertling cabinet was the first cabinet of the German Empire that came about after consulting with the majority parties in the Reichstag. The Social Democrats did not join the cabinet, not wanting to render the process of forming a government even more difficult.

Hertling belonged to the right wing of the Catholic Centre Party, and was against a parliamentarisation of the German Empire. The left wing around Matthias Erzberger took the opposite view, and the broad centre of the party wanted to take into account the views of the right wing, but also took note of the wishes of Catholic workers for democratisation. The centre did not want to put obstacles in the way of parliamentarisation, but did not take active steps to prevent a split in the party. Hertling's chancellorship meant that the Centre and the left Liberals took account of the conservative elements. The latter could thus get used to a parliamentary way of governing.[1]

Cabinet Hertling
25 October 1917 to 4 October 1918
Reich Chancellor Georg von Hertling Centre
Vice-Chancellor Karl Helfferich to 9 November 1917
Friedrich von Payer
independent Conservative
Foreign Office Richard von Kühlmann to 9 July 1918
Paul von Hintze
Interior Max Wallraf independent Conservative
Justice Paul von Krause independent National Liberal
Navy Admiral Eduard von Capelle independent
Economy Rudolf Schwander to 20 November 1917
Hans Karl Freiherr von Stein zu Nord- und Ostheim
Food Supply Wilhelm von Waldow independent Conservative
Post Otto Rüdlin independent
Treasury Siegfried Graf von Roedern independent
Colonies Wilhelm Solf independent Liberal

Further reading[edit]

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