Second Kohl cabinet

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The second cabinet led by Helmut Kohl was sworn in on March 29, 1983 and laid down its function on March 11, 1987. The cabinet was formed after the 1983 elections. It was succeeded by the Cabinet Kohl III, which was formed following the 1987 elections.


The cabinet was composed of the following ministers:

The composition of the cabinet changed four times.

  • June 27, 1984 – Martin Bangemann (FDP) succeeds Lambsdorff as Minister of Economics.
  • November 15, 1984 – Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) enters the cabinet as Minister of Special Tasks
  • September 26, 1985 – Rita Süssmuth (CDU) succeeds Geissler as Minister of Youth, Family, and Health
  • June 6, 1986 – Rita Süssmuth (CDU) becomes Minister of Youth, Family, Women, and Health. Walter Wallmann (CDU) enters the cabinet as Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation, and Reactor Security.