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The second Schmidt cabinet was the government of Germany between 16 December 1976 and 4 November 1980, during the 8th legislature of the Bundestag. Led by the Social Democrat Helmut Schmidt, the cabinet was a coalition between the Social Democrats (SDP) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The Vice-Chancellor was the Free Democrat Hans-Dietrich Genscher (FDP).


The federal cabinet consisted of the following Ministers:

Office Incumbent Party Parl. State Secretary
& Minister of State
Chancellor Helmut Schmidt
SPD Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski
until 10 December 1979
Gunter Huonker
from 10 December 1979
Vice-Chancellor Hans-Dietrich Genscher
Foreign Affairs Hans-Dietrich Genscher FDP Klaus von Dohnanyi
Hildegard Hamm-Brücher
Interior Werner Maihofer
until 8 June 1978
Gerhart Rudolf Baum
(* 1932)
FDP Gerhart Rudolf Baum
until 8 June 1978
Andreas von Schoeler
Justice Hans-Jochen Vogel
(* 1926)
SPD Hans de With SPD
Finance Hans Apel
until 16 February 1978
Hans Matthöfer
SPD Karl Haehser

Rainer Offergeld
until 16 February 1978

Rolf Böhme
from 16 February 1978
Economics Hans Friderichs
(* 1931)
until 7 October 1977
Otto Graf Lambsdorff
FDP Martin Grüner FDP
Food, Agriculture and Forestry Josef Ertl
FDP Georg Gallus FDP
Labour and Social Affairs Herbert Ehrenberg
(* 1926)
SPD Hermann Buschfort SPD
Defence Georg Leber
from 16 February 1978
Hans Apel
SPD Andreas von Bülow SPD
Youth, Families and Health Antje Huber
SPD Fred Zander SPD
Transport and
Post and Telecommunications
Kurt Gscheidle
SPD Ernst Haar
until 29 March 1979

Erhard Mahne
from 29 March 1979

Lothar Wrede
Planning and Housing Karl Ravens
(* 1927)
until 16 February 1978
Dieter Haack
(* 1934)
SPD Dieter Haack
until 16 February 1978
Dietrich Sperling
Internal German Affairs Egon Franke
SPD Egon Höhmann
19 January 1979
Heinz Kreutzmann
from 7 February 1979
Research and Technology Hans Matthöfer
until 16 February 1978
Volker Hauff
(* 1940)
SPD Volker Hauff
until 16 February 1978
Erwin Stahl
Education and Science Helmut Rohde
until 16 February 1978
Jürgen Schmude
(* 1936)
SPD Peter Glotz
until 16 May 1977
Björn Engholm
Economic Cooperation Marie Schlei
16 February 1978
Rainer Offergeld
(* 1937)
SPD Alwin Brück SPD

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