Cabinet Schröder I (Lower Saxony)

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The Cabinet Schröder I was the state government of the German state of Lower Saxony from 21 June 1990 until 20 June 1994. It was headed by Gerhard Schröder, and succeeded by Schröder's second and third cabinets. Schröder left the position in 1998 upon being elected Chancellor. Two members of this cabinet - Funke and Trittin - were also part of Schröder's first cabinet as Chancellor.

Portfolio Name Party
Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Gerhard Schröder SPD
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of the Interior
Gerhard Glogowski SPD
Minister of Economics, Technology and Transport Peter Fischer SPD
Minister of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry Karl-Heinz Funke SPD
Minister of Finance Hinrich Swieter SPD
Minister of Justice Heidrun Alm-Merk SPD
Minister of Education Rolf Wernstedt SPD
Minister of Science and Culture Helga Schuchardt none
Minister of the Environment Monika Griefahn SPD
(after 1992)
Minister of Social Affairs Walter Hiller SPD
Minister of Women Waltraud Schoppe Greens
Minister of Federal and European Affairs Jürgen Trittin Greens

Unless noted otherwise, the minister served the entire term of the cabinet.