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The Cabinet, formally Her Majesty’s Barbados Ministers,[1] are individuals of Barbados which execute the duties of the Government of Barbados.

Under a Westminster system of governance, these powers are vested nominally in Elizabeth II, Queen of Barbados (represented by the Governor-General), but are exercised in practice by a Cabinet of Ministers, presided over by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is formally appointed by the Governor-General: the Governor-General must appoint as Prime Minister someone who can control a majority of votes in the House of Assembly. In practice, this is normally the leader of the largest political party or coalition in the house. If there is no clear majority in the House of Assembly, however, the Governor-General's role becomes more important: he or she must assume the role of arbitrator and open negotiations with the leaders of the various political parties, in the hope of finding someone whom a majority will accept as Prime Minister. In the event of that failing to take place, the Governor-General must dissolve the House of Assembly and call an early election.


The Cabinet system of government was implemented in the colony of Barbados on 1 February 1954 leading to attainment of full self-government. Prior to an official Cabinet, the role was fulfilled by the colonial era Executive Council on the island. Under the Constitution of Barbados, Cabinet is not prescribed a maximum number Cabinet of Ministers, however, it must have no fewer than five members. The first Cabinet of Barbados was led by Premier Sir Grantley Herbert Adams. The four other Ministers were:

  • The Hon. Dr. H.G.H. Cummins (Member 1935-36; 1940-1961);
  • The Hon. M.E. Cox (later Sir Mencea, member 1944-1961; senator 1976-1981;
  • The Hon. R. G. Mapp (later Sir Ronald, member 1946-1961; Senator 1976-1979);
  • The Hon. C. E. Talma (later Sir Edwy, member 1944-1948; 1951-1976)


Prime Minister Thompson took up the position of chairman in 2008 and was this country's sixth Prime Minister. Upon his passing in 2010, Prime Minister Stuart was appointed by the Governor-General. Others to have held this esteemed designation are the Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur, national hero The Right Excellent Errol Barrow, the late The Rt. Hon. Tom Adams, the late The Hon. Harold Bernard St. John (later Sir Harold), and Rt. Hon. Lloyd Erskine Sandiford (later Sir Lloyd).

The current Prime Minister is The Right Honourable Freundel Stuart.

2015 Cabinet[edit]

The 18-member Cabinet announced by the Democratic Labour Party as of 3 July 2015:[2]

Government Minister Cabinet Positions
Hon. Freundel Stuart Q.C. M.P. Prime Minister
and Minister of National Security, the Public Service and Urban Development
Hon. Richard Sealy M.P. Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Tourism and International Transport
Hon. Adriel Brathwaite M.P. Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs
Hon. Christopher Sinckler M.P. Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs
Hon. John Boyce M.P. Minister of Health
Hon. Dr. David Estwick M.P. Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, and Water Resource Management
Hon. Ronald Jones J.P. M.P. Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation
Dr. Hon. Dr. Denis Lowe M.P. Minister of the Environment and Drainage
Hon. Donville Inniss M.P. Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development
Hon. Denis Kellman M.P. Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development
Sen. Dr. Hon. Dr. Esther R. Byer-Suckoo Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development
Hon. Steve Blackett M.P. Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development
Hon. Michael Lashley M.P. Minister of Transport and Works
Sen. Hon. Patrick Todd Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office
Sen. Maxine McClean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
and Leader of Government Business in the Senate

2006 Cabinet[edit]

The full Cabinet of the previous Barbados Government administration as of February 2006:

Government Minister Cabinet Positions
Rt. Hon. Owen S. Arthur M.P. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
Hon. Mia Mottley QC, M.P. Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Economic Affairs and Development
Hon. Dame Billie A. Miller DBE, D.A., BCH, M.P. Senior Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade
Hon. Noel A. Lynch M.P. Minister of Tourism and International Transport
Hon. H. Elizabeth Thompson M.P. Minister of Energy and the Environment
Hon. Rawle C. Eastmond JP, M.P. Minister of Labour and Civil Service
Hon. Dr. Jerome X. Walcott JP, M.P. Minister of Health
Hon. Reginald R. Farley JP, M.P. Minister of Housing and Lands
Senator Hon. Lynette Eastmond. Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
Hon. Dale D. Marshall M.P. Attorney General & Minister of Home Affairs
Hon. Gline A. Clarke J.P., M.P. Minister of Public Works
Hon. Trevor Prescod M.P. Minister of Social Transformation
Senator Hon. Erskine Griffith GCM, JP Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Hon. Joseph J.S. Atherley JP, M.P. Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office
Hon. Anthony P. Wood JP, M.P. Minister of Education, Youth Affairs, and Sports
Hon. Cynthia Y. Forde JP, M.P. Minister of State in the Ministry of Education
Hon. Clyde A. Mascoll M.P Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance
Hon. Kerrie D. Symmonds M.P Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

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