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The Council of Cabinet Ministers (Malay: Majlis Mesyuarat Menteri-Menteri Kabinet) is the body of high-ranking Brunei officials, consisting of the top leaders of the executive branch of Brunei government. Led by the Sultan himself, who has also been the Prime Minister of Brunei since 1984.

The Council consists of the Prime Minister (the Sultan), the Senior Minister (the Crown Prince), ministers and the second ministers, and deputy ministers of respectives ministries. All of the ministers and deputy ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister-Sultan. The ministers are responsible directly to the Sultan and hold their seats at His Majesty's pleasure, usually reshuffle and nominate every 5 years.[1]

Current members[edit]

Since 30 January 2018 (reshuffle after 3 years since October 2015), the Council consists of the following:[2]

Ministry Minister Deputy Minister
Prime Minister's Office
  • Elinda CA Mohamed (Deputy Minister)
  • Matsatejo Sokiaw (Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry)
Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications
  • Hon. Abdul Mutalib Md. Yusof
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Hon. Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Aminuddin Abidin
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Development
  • Hon. Suhaimi Gafar
Ministry of Education
  • Hon. Hamzah Sulaiman
  • Dr. Romaizah Md. Salleh
Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry
  • Hon. Dr. Mat Suny Mohd Hussein
  • Matsatejo Sokiaw
Ministry of Finance
  • Ahmaddin Abd. Rahman
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Health
  • Hon. Dr. Md. Isham Jaafar
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism
  • Hon. Ali Apong
Ministry of Religious Affairs
  • Hon. Awang Badaruddin Awang Othman
  • Pengiran Bahrom Pengiran Bahar

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