Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland

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This is the current list of the Cabinet of Ministers of Somaliland, headed by the President of Somaliland.The Council of Ministers run the day-to-day operations of the country. The cabinet is nominated by the president and the president has the authority to nominate, reshuffle and also dismiss the ministers. Ministers are approved by the House of Representatives which is the lower house of the Parliament. The cabinet comprises of ministers, deputy ministers and also state ministers. The number of ministers in Somaliland, today is 27, but it is a variable number and changes from time to time.

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

  • Minister of Agriculture: Mahamed Aw Dahir Ibrahim
  • Minister of Civil Aviation: Farhan Ahmed Aadan
  • Minister of Commerce: Omar Shuayb
  • Minister of Defence: Ahmed Haji Ali Adami
  • Minister of Education & Higher Education: Abdillahi Ibrahim Habane
  • Minister of Finance: Samsam Abdi Adam
  • Minister of Fisheries: Ali Jama Farah
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Dr Sa´ad Ali Shire
  • Minister of Health: Suliman Essa Ahmed
  • Minister of Industry: Shu'ayb Mohamed Muse
  • Minister of Information: Osman Abdilahi Sahardid Adaani
  • Minister of Interior: Yasin Mohamud Faraton
  • Minister of Justice: Ahmed Farah Adare
  • Minister of Labour and Social Development: Mohamoud Obsiye
  • Minister of Livestock: Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir
  • Minister of Planning & Development: Mohamed Ibrahim Qabo
  • Minister of Post and Telecommunications: Mustafa Farah Abrar.
  • Minister of Presidency: Mohamud Hashi Abdi
  • Minister of Public Work and Housing: Ali Hassan Mohamed
  • Minister of Religion: Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed
  • Minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Ali Said Raigal
  • Minister of Rural Development and Environment: Shukri Ismael Bandare
  • Minister of Youth and Sports: Abdirasaq Waberi Robleh
  • Minister of Mining And Energy: Hussein Abdi Duale
  • Minister of Water: Hussein Abdi Bos
  • Minister of Culture and Tourism Kadar Hagi Yousuf Abdilahi