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The Cabinet of Paraguay is composed of eleven cabinet ministers. Each is appointed by the President of Paraguay, and serves as the head of a particular executive department.[1]

The Cabinet[edit]

Portfolio Minister
President of the Republic Horacio Cartes
Minister of Foreign Affairs Eladio Loizaga[2][3]
Minister of Finance Germán Rojas[2][3]
Minister of National Defence Gral. Bernardino Soto[2]
Interior Minister Francisco de Vargas[2][3]
Minister of Industry and Commerce Gustavo Leite[2]
Minister of Agriculture Jorge Gattini[2]
Minister of Public Works and Communications Ramón Jiménez Gaona[2][4]
Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare Antonio Barrios[2]
Minister of Education and Culture Marta Lafuente[2]
Minister of Justice and Labor Sheila Abed[2]
Minister for Women Ana María Baiardi[2]


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