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The Cabinet of Rwanda consists of the Prime Minister, Ministers, Ministers of State and other members nominated by the President. Members of Cabinet are selected from political organisations based on the number of seats they hold in the Chamber of Deputies, but members of Cabinet cannot themselves belong to the Chamber.[1]

Members of Cabinet[edit]

Office Ministry Incumbent Date of entry into office
President Office of the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame March 2000
Prime Minister OPM Edouard Ngirente[2] August 2017
Minister of Local Government Minaloc Francis Kaboneka[2] July 2014[3]
Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources Minagri Gérardine Mukeshimana[2] July 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minaffet Louise Mushikiwabo[2] 2010
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Minecofin Claver Gatete[2] February 2013
Minister of Defence MOD James Kabarebe[2] April 2010[4]
Minister of Justice and Attorney-General Minijust Johnston Busingye[2]
Minister of Health MOH Diane Gashumba[2] October 2016[5]
Minister in the Office of the President Minipresirep Judith Uwizeye[2] August 2017
Minister of Cabinet Affairs Minicaaf Marie-Solange Kayisire[2] August 2017
Minister of Trade and Industry Minicom Vincent Munyeshyaka[2] August 2017
Minister of Education Mineduc Papias Malimba Musafiri[2] June 2015[6]
Minister of Infrastructure Mininfra James Musoni[2] July 2014[7]
Minister of Lands and Forestry Minilaf Francine Tumushime[2] August 2017
Minister for Environment Minirena Vincent Biruta[2] July 2014
Minister of Sports and Culture Minispoc Julienne Uwacu[2] February 2015
Minister for ICT MICT Jean-Philbert Nsengimana[2] August 2017
Minister for Youth Miniyou Rosemary Mbabazi[2] August 2017
Minister of Public Service and Labour Mifotra Fanfan Rwanyindo Kayirangwa[2] August 2017
Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Migeprof Espérance Nyirasafari[2] October 2016[5]
Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs Midimar Jeanne d’Arc Debonheur[2] August 2017
Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board RDB Clare Akamanzi[2] February 2017[8]
Permanent Representative to the United Nations Minaffet Valentine Rugwabiza October 2016[5]

Ministers of State[edit]

Office Incumbent Date of entry into office
Minister of State for Agriculture (Minagri) Fulgence Nsengiyumva[2] 2016
Minister of State for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (Mineduc) Olivier Rwamukwaya[2] 2016
Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education (Mineduc) Isaac Munyakazi[2] 2016
Minister of State for Local Government Responsible for Social Affairs (Minaloc) Alvera Mukabaramba[2] October 2011
Minister of State for Local Government Responsible for Socio-Economic Development (Minaloc) Cyriaque Harelimana August 2017
Minister of State for Justice Responsible for Constitutional Affairs (Minijust) Evode Uwizeyimana 2016
Minister of State for Infrastructure responsible for Energy and Water (Mininfra) Germaine Kamayirese[2] July 2014
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Regional Cooperation and EAC affairs (Minaffet) Olivier Nduhungirehe[2] August 2017
Minister of State for Infrastructure in charge of Transportation (Mininfra) Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye[2] August 2017
Minister of State for Health in charge of Public Health and Primary Healthcare (MOH) Patrick Ndimubanzi[2]
Minister of State for Finance in charge of Economic Planning (Minecofin) Uzziel Ndagijimana[2]


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