Cabinet of Stevča Mihailović II

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Cabinet of Stevča Mihailović II
Civil Flag of Serbia.svg
29th cabinet of Principality of Serbia
Coat of Arms of the Principality of Serbia.png
Coat of arms of Principality of Serbia
Date formedMay 6, 1876
Date dissolvedOctober 13, 1878
People and organisations
Head of stateMilan Obrenović IV
Head of governmentStevča Mihailović
PredecessorCabinet of Ljubomir Kaljević
SuccessorCabinet of Jovan Ristić III
Cabinet Members in 1876

The Second Cabinet of Stevča Mihailović was a cabinet of the Principality of Serbia that was formed on May 6, 1876 and dissolved on October 13, 1878. This Cabinet saw some of the most decisive moments in the history of Modern Serbia, such as wars with the Ottoman Empire that finally led to the full independence of Serbia from the Ottomans. In 1876, this cabinet declared the independence of Serbia and a War on the Ottoman Empire. This led to the Berlin piece Congress, in which the peace was established, and Serbia got its full internationally recognized independence and territorial expansion. Jovan Ristić, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was Serbia's representative in Berlin.

Cabinet members[edit]

Position Portfolio Name Image In Office
Prime Minister General Affairs Stevča Mihailović Stevca Mihailovic - Srbadija crop.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Deputy Prime Minister General Affairs Jovan Ristić Jovan Ristić Crop.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Foreign Affairs May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Internal Affairs Radivoje Milojković Radivoj Milojkovic.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Justice Jevrem Grujić Jevrem Grujic.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Finance Vladimir Jovanović Vladimir Jovanovic.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Education and Church Affairs Alimpije Vasiljević Alimpije Vasiljevic.jpg May 6, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878
Minister Army Tihomilj Nikolić Tihomilj Nikolic.jpg May 6, 1876 – Nov 16, 1876
Minister Sava Grujić Sava Grujic crop.jpg Nov 16, 1876 – Oct 13, 1878

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