Cabinet of Tadeusz Mazowiecki

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The Cabinet of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, led by Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, came to power following the 1989 legislative election, and was appointed by the Sejm on 12 September 1989. Tadeusz Mazowiecki had been appointed Prime Minister on 24 August 1989, and tasked with the formation of a new government, after the Sejm rejected the Communist cabinet of Czesław Kiszczak. The cabinet resigned on 25 November 1990, and the Sejm accepted the resignation of the cabinet on 14 December, though it continued to perform its duties until the formation of the Cabinet of Jan Krzysztof Bielecki on 4 January 1991.

Inaugural composition of the government
Letter to former Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

Małgorzata Niezabitowska served as government spokesman.

Composition of the government on its resignation
  • Tadeusz Mazowiecki (Solidarity, Democratic Union) - Prime Minister
  • Leszek Balcerowicz (Solidarity) - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
  • Jan Janowski (SD) - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister - Head of the Office of Scientific and Technical Progress and Implementation
  • Jacek Ambroziak (Solidarity) - Minister - Head of the Cabinet Office
  • Artur Balazs (Solidarity) - Minister, member of the Council of Ministers (the social and cultural villages)
  • Aleksander Bentkowski (PSL) - Minister of Justice
  • Janusz Byliński (Solidarity) - Minister of Agriculture and Food
  • Izabella Cywińska (Solidarity) - Minister of Culture and Art
  • Aleksander Hall (Solidarity) - Minister, member of the Cabinet (for work with political organizations and associations)
  • Bronisław Kamiński (Minister) (Polish Peasant Party) - Minister of the Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Piotr Kołodziejczyk (nonpartisan) - Minister of National Defence
  • Andrzej Kosiniak-Kamysz (PSL) - Minister of Health and Welfare
  • Krzysztof Kozłowski (Solidarity) - Interior Minister
  • Jacek Kuroń - Minister of Labour and Social Policy
  • Waldemar Kuczyński (Solidarity) - Minister of Privatization
  • Aleksander Mackiewicz (SD) - Minister of Internal Market
  • Jerzy Osiatyński (Solidarity) - Minister - Head of Central Planning Office
  • Aleksander Paszyński (Solidarity) - Minister of Planning and Construction
  • Henryk Samsonowicz (Solidarity) - Minister of Education
  • Krzysztof Skubiszewski - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Jerzy Slezak (SD) - Minister of Communications
  • Tadeusz Syryjczyk (Solidarity) - Minister of Industry
  • Marcin Święcicki (DIRECT) - Minister of Foreign Economic Cooperation
  • Witold Trzeciakowski (Solidarity, Democratic Union) - Minister-Member of the Council of Ministers, from December 1989 Chairman of the Economic Council
  • Ewaryst Waligórski (Solidarity) - Transport and Maritime Affairs
Changes in Composition
  • December 20, 1989
      • Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Czesław Janicki took office as minister of agriculture and food industries.
      • Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Bronisław Kamiński took office as minister of environmental protection, natural resources and forestry.
      • Minister of Transport, shipping and communications Franciszek Wielądek took office as Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs.
      • Minister for the organization of the Ministry of Communications Marek Kucharski took office as minister of communications.
  • January 1990
    • Transformation of the Ministry of Environment and natural resources in the department of environmental protection, natural resources and forestry.
  • July 6, 1990
    • Dismissed:
      • Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Food Czesław Janicki.
      • Deputy Interior Minister Czesław Kiszczak.
      • Defense minister Florian Siwicki.
      • Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Franciszek Wielądek.
    • Appointed:
      • Krzysztof Kozłowski for the office of Interior Minister.
      • Piotr Kołodziejczyk at the office of minister of national defense.
      • Ewaryst Waligórski for the office of Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs.
  • July 13, 1990
    • Ministry of Privatization created.
  • September 14, 1990
    • Dismissed:
      • Communications Minister Marek Kucharski.
    • Appointed:
      • Jerzy Slezak for the office of minister of communications.
      • Janusz Byliński for the office of minister of agriculture and food industries.
      • Waldemar Kuczyński (Solidarity) in the office of the minister of privatization.