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Habib Essid Cabinet
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of Tunisia
Date formed February 6, 2015 (2015-02-06)
People and organisations
Head of government Habib Essid
Head of state Beji Caid Essebsi
Total number of ministers 27
Member parties Independent , Nidaa Tounes , Ennahda , UPL, Afek Tounes
Status in legislature Unity government[1]
Election(s) 2014 Tunisian parliamentary election
Legislature term(s) Assembly of the Representatives (2014)
Previous Jomaa Cabinet (2014–15)
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The cabinet of Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid was approved on 5 February 2015 by a majority of 166 of total 217 legislators of Tunisia's Assembly of the Representatives of the People.[1] The unity covernment consists of 27 ministers and 14 secretaries of state[2] and includes independents, members of Nidaa Tounes, the two liberal parties Free Patriotic Union (UPL) and Afek Tounes, and a member of the Islamist Ennahda.[1]

Essid's first proposal, a minority government of just Nidaa Tounes and the UPL, he had brought forward on 23 January,[3] was retracted after facing enough resistance not to be approved by a parliamentary majority.[4]

Office Name Party
Prime Minister Habib Essid Independent
Minister of Defence Farhat Horchani Independent
Minister of Justice Mohamed Salah Ben Aïssa Independent
Minister of Interior Mohamed Najem Gharsalli Independent
Minister of Foreign Affairs Taïeb Baccouche Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Economy and Finance Slim Chaker Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Selma Elloumi Rekik Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Zakaria Hamad Independent
Minister of Agriculture Saâd Seddikl Independent
Minister of Trade Ridha Lahouel Independent
Minister of Social Affairs Ahmed Ammar Younbaii Independent
Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and ICT Chiheb Bouden Independent
Minister of Education Néji Jalloul Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Health Saïd Aïdi Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Transport Mahmoud Ben Romdhane Nidaa Tounes
Minister of Equipment, Housing and Spatial Planning Mohamed Salah Arfaoui Independent
Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zied Ladhari Ennahda
Minister of Religious Affairs Othman Battikh Independent
Minister of Women, Family and Children Samira Merai Afek Tounes
Minister of Culture Latifa Lakhdar Independent
Minister of Youth and Sports Maher Ben Dhia UPL
Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development Nejib Derouiche UPL
Ministry of Communication Technologies and the Digital Economy Noomane Fehri Afek Tounes
Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Yassine Brahim Afek Tounes
Minister of State Property and Land Affairs Hatem El Euchi UPL
Minister to the head of government in charge of relations with ARP Lazhar Akremi Nidaa Tounes
Minister to the head of government in charge of Relations with the constitutional institutions and civil society Kamel Jendoubi Independent
Chief Cabinet Secretary Ahmed Zarrouk Nidaa Tounes


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