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The Cabinet of Venezuela is the circle high level ministerial officials and appointees who coordinate the day-to-day management of the Venezuelan federal government in conjunction with the President of Venezuela. According to the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution, the President can alter his cabinet as he sees fit, and may establish or eliminate federal ministries by presidential decree.

Under Hugo Chávez, cabinet reshuffles were frequent; thus authoritative lists are difficult to maintain. Several important members of Chávez's inner government circle were not members of the cabinet, nor even members of the executive branch; instead, they were members of the newly created citizen's branch (Poder Ciudadano).

List of current cabinet officials under Nicolás Maduro[edit]

Cabinet of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (as of April 8, 2015)
President Nicolas Maduro
Vice President Jorge Arreaza
Secretary of the President ADM Carmen Meléndez, Venezuelan Navy
Interior & Justice LTGEN Gustavo González López, Venezuelan National Guard
Foreign Affairs Delcy Rodríguez Gómez
Planning, Vice President for Knowledge and Planning Ricardo José Menéndez Prieto
Economy & Finances,
Vice President for the Economy
Rodolfo Marco Torres
Defense GEN Vladimir Padrino López, Venezuelan Army
Commerce Isabel Delgado
Industry José David Cabello
Tourism Andres Izarra
Agriculture & Lands José Luis Berroterán
Higher Education, Science and Technology Manuel Fernández Meléndez
Education Héctor Rodríguez Castro
Health Henry Ventura
Labor & Social Security Jesús Martínez
Ground Transportation Haiman El Troudi
Air & Water Transportation LTGEN Giuseppe Yoffreda, Venzuelan Air Force (Ret.)
Housing Affairs Guillermo Barreto
Ecosocialism, Natural Resources and Water Ricardo Antonio Molina Peñaloza
Petroleum and Mining Affairs Asdrúbal Chávez
Communications & Information Jacqueline Farías
Social Movements, Social Protection and Communes,
Vice President for Territorial Socialism Development
Elías Jaua
Nutrition Iván José Bello
Culture Reinaldo Iturriza
Indigenous Peoples Aloha Núñez
Women's and Gender Affairs Andreína Tarazón
Electrical Energy Jesse Chacón
Youth Antonio Alvarez
Prisons and Penological Services María Iris Varela Rangel
Permanent Secretary of the Council of Ministers Carlos Granadillo Sierra
Permanent Secretary of the State Council LTGEN Alexis Ascensión López Ramírez, Venezuelan Army
Attorney General Manuel Enrique Galindo Ballesteros
Central Bank of Venezuela President Nelson Merentes
Governor of the Capital District Ernesto Villegas
Governor of the Miranda Insular Territory Orlando Laguna Laguna
Presidential Commissioner for Greater Caracas Reconstruction and Urban Planning Ernesto Villegas (in concurrent capacity)
National Commissioner for Fair Prices Andrés Eloy Méndez
Presidential Commissioner for Peace MGEN Juan Rodríguez Navarro, Venezuelan National Guard
Presidential Commissioner for Police Reorganization Freddy Bernal
State Minister for the Central Development Region VADM Diego Antonio Guerra Barreto, Venezuelan Navy (Ret.)
State Minister for the Western Development Region Luis Reyes Reyes
State Minister for the Plains Development Region Nancy Pérez Sierra
State Minister for the Eastern Development Region María del Pilar Hernández
State Minister for the Maritime and Insular Development Region VADM Gilberto Pinto Blanco, Venezuelan Navy (Ret.)
State Minister for the Guayana Development Region Nicia Maldonado
State Minister for the Andes Development Region Celso Canelones


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