Cabramatta High School

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Cabramatta High School
Cabramatta, New South Wales
Coordinates 33°53′58.63″S 150°55′45.41″E / 33.8996194°S 150.9292806°E / -33.8996194; 150.9292806Coordinates: 33°53′58.63″S 150°55′45.41″E / 33.8996194°S 150.9292806°E / -33.8996194; 150.9292806
School type Public, Comprehensive, Coeducational, Secondary School
Principal Beth Godwin
Grades 7-12
Campus type Suburban

Cabramatta High School is the local high school of Cabramatta, an urbanised suburb located in south-west Sydney, Australia. The school was established in 1958 as the suburb's first high school. Cabramatta High School is becoming increasingly popular within the region, with impressive records of academic and practical successful students, mostly achieving grade-averages higher than most other schools in the local area. Well known for its multiculturalism, Cabramatta High School consists of a very diverse range of students and staff, with majority coming from non-English speaking backgrounds, predominantly Vietnamese and Chinese. Cabramatta High School has been praised by many people in the public for its great diversity of students with the great conception of multiculturalism and peace of many different cultures in enabling an enjoyable location to learn.

The school created a Peace garden as a memorial to student's families history going through the war, it was broadcast as a documentary on ABC channel Australia.

The ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra) in late 2005 chose Cabramatta High School as the first school to be in their new education program.

On 25 October 2006, the school was selected as the first school in South-West Sydney to have an RAP (Respect Acceptance Participation) Day for student representatives from secondary school and Intensive English Centres across South Western Sydney Region.

The school celebrated their 50th year anniversary with a banquet at the local restaurant.

On 21 November 2008, the Class of 88 (86 for Year 10) celebrated their 20th year reunion at the Barclay Lounge. The event was attended by a strong turnout of former students and also a number of teachers were there to celebrate the evening.

In recent years, Cabramatta High School has caught the eyes of many well-known stars, including Australian Idol's Jessica Mauboy, Australia's Got Talent's Justice Crew, singer Israel Cruz, as well as Jet Valencia, the director of Australia's Got Talent's Kookies n Kreme.

A major make-over is currently taking place at the school, with large sums of money being spent on creating a better environment for students and staff. Throughout 2013, many construction work have been completed, which led to the introduction of many new classrooms, as well as a new dance studio.

Peace Day[edit]

On 3 November 2006, Cabramatta High School hosted the "Make Noise for Peace Day", in commemoration of the award of the Sydney Peace Prize to Irene Khan. Irene Khan herself, along with Director of the Sydney Peace Foundation, Stuart Rees, Member of Legislative Assembly for Cabramatta, Reba Meagher, Director of Department of Education, Doctor Paul Brock, various other members from Amnesty International, Religious leaders, various organizations, and students from other primary and high schools were present at the occasion.

The school's successful annual Peace Day celebrations continued to deliver warm welcomes to recipients of the Sydney Peace Prize, including Indian social justice and environmental activist, eco-feminist and author Vandana Shiva in 2010, American linguist and activist Noam Chomsky in 2011, as well as Zimbabwean senator Sekai Holland in 2012. With the releasing of the 'Cabramatta doves', the Sydney Peace Prize winners helped mark the special occasion with the rest of the school and the community.


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