Cabuyao local elections, 2013

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Cabuyao mayoral election, 2013

2010 ←
May 13, 2013 → 2016

Nominee Isidro "Jun" L. Hemedes, Jr. Nila G. Aguillo
Party Nacionalista Liberal
Running mate Rommel "Mel" A. Gecolea Maria Wanda C. Alimagno
Popular vote 51,719 39,758
Percentage 55.65 43.35

Mayor before election

Isidro "Jun" L. Hemedes, Jr.

Elected Mayor

Isidro "Jun L. Hemedes, Jr.

Local elections was held in Cabuyao City on May 13, 2013 within the Philippine general election. The total number of voters registered in the City of Cabuyao is 135,713 in 586 voting precincts.[1] The voters elected for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, and ten councilors.

Cabuyao is a newly created city in the province of Laguna by virtue of Republic Act No. 10163 or the "Charter of the City of Cabuyao" ratified on August 4, 2012 by its people.[2] Voters will no longer vote for eight (8) councilors but they will elect ten (10) city councilors as prescribed in the charter.


Incumbent Mayor Isidro "Jun" L. Hemedes, Jr. decided to run for re-election under the Nacionalista Party, he was elected as Mayor since 2007 after defeating former Mayor Proceso "Etok" Aguillo in 2007 local elections. His opponent was former Mayor Nila Aguillo, the wife of Etok Aguillo, she is under the Liberal Party.

Hemedes' running mate is the incumbent Vice-Mayor Atty. Rommel "Mel" Gecolea. His opponent is city councilor Maria Wanda Alimagno, the running mate of Nila Aguillo.

Each team had their own set of ten (10) candidates for city council. Nacionalista Party/Administration team was composed of five (5) re-electionist candidates, Barangay Pulo Chairman Odilon I. Caparas and Barangay Marinig Chairman Emiliano T. Lirio and three other candidates. Under the Liberal Party/Opposition team were two (2) re-electionist candidates, former vice-mayor Benjamin C. del Rosario, Barangay Sala Chairman Amelito G. Alimagno, Barangay Mamatid Councilor Gabriel Bariring. Notable candidates for Cabuyao City council were Anna Liza Baldonado or popularly known as "Milagring" of the defunct TV program Wowowee and 6 Cycle Mind lead vocalist Tutti Caringal.


Position Liberal Party Nacionalista Party Independents
Mayor Liberal Nila Aguillo Nacionalista Isidro Hemedes, Jr.
Vice Mayor Liberal Maria Wanda Alimagno Nacionalista Rommel Gecolea
Member of the
Cabuyao City Council
Lone district Liberal
  • Christian Aguillo
  • Jose Benson Aguillo
  • Amelito Alimagno
  • Alexander Angeles
  • Milagring Baldonado
  • Gabriel Bariring, Jr.
  • Jaime Onofre Batallones
  • Tutti Caringal
  • Benjamin C. del Rosario
  • Leif Laiglon Opiña
  • Jose Alcabasa, Jr.
  • Odilon Caparas
  • Flaviano Dizon
  • Imelda Entredicho
  • Ismael Hemedes
  • Apolinario Hain
  • Richard Hain
  • Emiliano Lirio
  • Ricky Voluntad
  • Simplicio Tolentino
  • Ramon Anciro


Mayoral elections[edit]

The candidates for mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

2013 Cabuyao City mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Isidro L. Hemedes, Jr. 51,719 54.62
Liberal Nila G. Aguillo 39,578 41.80
Margin of victory 12,141 12.82%
Invalid or blank votes 3,386 3.58
Total votes 94,683 100.00
Nacionalista gain from Liberal

Vice-mayoral elections[edit]

The candidates for Vice-mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

2013 Cabuyao City vice mayoral election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Rommel A. Gecolea 46,619 49.24
Liberal Maria Wanda C. Alimagno 42,435 44.82
Margin of victory 4,184 4.42%
Invalid or blank votes 5,629 5.94
Total votes 94,683 100.00
Nacionalista gain from Liberal

City Council Elections[edit]

Voters elected ten (10) councilors to comprise the City Council or the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Candidates were voted separately so there are chances where winning candidates will have unequal number of votes and may come from different political parties. The ten candidates with the highest number of votes win the seats.

2013 Cabuyao City Council
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Jaime Onofre R. Batallones 50,251 6.76
Nacionalista Ismael M. Hemedes 47,523 6.39
Liberal Leif Laiglon A. Opiña 47,210 6.35
Nacionalista Richard C. Hain 44,350 5.97
Nacionalista Apolinario B. Hain 43,694 5.88
Liberal Tito Fortunato "Tutti" A. Caringal 43,684 5.88
Liberal Benjamin C. del Rosario 42,705 5.74
Liberal Jose Benson G. Aguillo 40,627 5.47
Liberal Amelito G. Alimagno 40,335 5.43
Nacionalista Imelda A. Entredicho 40,267 5.42
Liberal Christian G. Aguillo 35,527 4.78
Nacionalista Ricky A. Voluntad 33,641 4.53
Nacionalista Emiliano T. Lirio 32,978 4.44
Nacionalista Odilon I. Caparas 30,973 4.17
Nacionalista Jose G. Alcabasa, Jr. 30,582 4.11
Liberal Annaliza "Milagring" C. Baldonado 29,755 4.00
Liberal Gabriel C. Bariring, Jr. 29,584 3.98
Liberal Alexander E. Angeles 26,783 3.60
Nacionalista Simplicio S. Tolentino 26,265 3.53
Nacionalista Flaviano V. Dizon 23,943 3.22
Independent Ramon N. Anciro 2,678 0.36
Total votes 94,683 100


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